We all have – even though it is illegal – searched and watched free copyrighted content on the internet at least once in our lifetime. You can access any movie or TV show you want to watch, and even live sports, in just one click, on the internet. There are thousands of websites that provide this facility, and Rainierland is one such name.

Rainierland is a website that became insanely popular among the people who searched the internet to find movies and TV shows they can watch for free. Rainierland offered its users premium quality content, in high resolution and charged no money for it. This was a dream come true for many people, and it wasn’t long before millions of people started using Rainierland on a day-to-day basis.

Rainierland site

Although, recently, people have started to notice that they cannot access this famous free movie site. In this article, we will address that issue, and the reason behind it and will also provide some alternatives to this popular site. But before that, let us brief you a little about this website.

What Are Rainierland and Shy? Is It So Popular?

Rainierland is a popular website that offers its users free movies and TV shows to watch. The site is entirely free, and you are not required to enter any credit card details or pay any money to access its contents. This completely free to access feature along with the latest movies and TV shows is what ensured Rainierland to become a huge success among its users. In no time, Rainierland became a massively popular website with a vast user base. Almost everyone used the website to watch their favorite movies for free.

Another reason for the success of this website was its ease of use. By using Rainierland, people were able to search for and watch the content they wanted in a minimum number of clicks, and without much of a hassle. There were also very few ads on the website that ensured that its users got the best movie-watching experience. The content library of Rainierland was also updated regularly, which meant the site always contained the latest movies and TV shows. Rainierland team ensured that they feature the latest content on their website as soon as it was released.

All these features were given to the users without taking any money from them or any card details. This was the reason Rainierland became such a massively popular and successful website. But the site has somehow disappeared in thin air, and people are getting curious about what happened. Before answering that question, you must first know something else.

Is Rainierland Legal?

No. Sites like Rainierland are illegal. It is not very hard to understand why it is so. Sites like these provide its users content that they don’t own the copyright to, and doing so is illegal. These sites earn money using someone else’s work, which is not at all a right or legal thing to do.

There are strict laws against sites like these, and therefore their owners often try to keep themselves safe from getting caught. This is done by regularly changing the website’s URL so that they can evade the authorities. Even then, they are always at a high risk of getting caught. Nevertheless, there are ample sites like Rainierland on the internet, and a new one always keeps coming up now and then. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your favorite free streaming website being taken down.

What Happened to Rainierland?

As mentioned earlier, Sites like Rainierland are illegal and are often taken down by the authorities. That is what happened with Rainierland as well. The website was owned by a man named Rainier Tamayo. He was tracked down by the authorities and taken into custody from his home for running this illegal website. There is a video of the incident on YouTube, where it is visible that he was uploading one of the many illicit movies that his website hosts, while he was taken down. This incident took place in 2016. Rainierland has been inactive since then. Although, it did come back for a brief period after that, under the URL “rainierland.is”, but even that domain became inactive after few months.

Currently, there is no active domain for Rainierland, and the website is as good as dead. But, as mentioned earlier, there are plenty of sites on the internet to watch content for free. We are going to list a few down below.

Best Rainierland Alternatives in 2020

Here are a few practical alternatives for Rainierland in 2020:

  1. BMoviesFree (https://bmoviesfree.ru)
  2. Putlocker (https://www0.putlockers.cz/)
  3. CouchTuner (https://www.icouchtuner.xyz/)
  4. Z123Movies (http://www1.z123movies.com)
  5. LunchFlix (https://www.lunchflix.com/)

There are hundreds of other similar websites available as well, but I cannot list them all here. You can, although easily find them on google. But using such websites poses a risk to the users as well. You, as a user, need to be aware of those risks before visiting websites like Rainierland so that you can take proper precautionary measures. Below we have discussed a few of the major risks related to using sites like Rainierland and some ways you can tackle them.

Risks With Sites Like Rainierland

Rainierland and other websites like they earn their money by relying on ads. They feature ads on their websites for which they are paid money by the company whose ad is being displayed. These ads are often embedded into the buttons of the site, known as redirects. So most of the time, when you tap on the search bar to search for your desired movie or click the play button to start watching a movie, you are first redirected to another webpage before you can do what you intended to do.

Although mostly, such ads are harmless, more often than they can be harmful to your PC and your security. It can be possible that the links embedded in the buttons of the website may contain malware or spyware that may get installed into your PC and compromise your security. The redirected website does not automatically download malware into your PC. Instead, it prompts you to download an application like a flash player, deeming it to be necessary for watching content on the website. This method of hacking by tricking people and corrupting their devices is known as phishing and is a highly used and hugely successful method.

Not only that, but the redirected website might also prompt you to enter your credit card details to provide access to its contents. But remember that sites like Rainierland a completely free, and if you are prompted to enter your credit card details, then immediately leave that website. Also, the ads that appear on websites like these can be extremely graphic and unmoderated. They can be harmful to under-aged children.

All these are the issues that come along with the privilege of getting to watch the latest movies and shows for free. But the risk can be minimized by taking proper precautions and following a protocol.

Ways to Remain Safe While Using Sites Like Rainierland

The most obvious and best way to remain safe from such risks is to stay away from such sites. Companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime take money from their users to provide them with the latest, high-quality content. Spending a little money on such services might not harm your wallet, but it will make sure that you remain 100% safe. Not only that, but they also offer you a quality watching experience where you are not redirected to a new webpage every time you make a click. So, if you can afford the reasonable subscription fees of these streaming services, then you should go for them instead of saving that money and outing yourself at risk.

Although not everyone can afford to pay the subscription fees of Netflix and so websites like Rainierland is the only option they are left with. In such a case, the first thing you should do is to make sure you have an active and up-to-date anti-virus installed on your computer to save it from any malware or virus. Also, make sure that you do not download any files from these sites. Also, do not provide any personal details like your e-mail or your credit card details to sites like these, no matter what. Doing all this will ensure you have a safe experience.


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