Health write for Us – Guest Post Submission Guidelines!

Hey Folks! Thank you so much for showing your interest in writing for Fitreign. If you are interested in writing articles for us then you have landed on the right page. We are open to contributors who eagerly want to share their knowledge and experience for the betterment of the health community. If there is something related to health write for us our aim is to provide practical knowledge and progressible insights to innovate health and wellness.

Fitreign is among the top renowned websites in the Health and Fitness niche. It is a great opportunity to grab the SEO benefits of writing a guest post on a high authority site. Our purpose is to promote and spread knowledge about fitness and health if you are interested too in spreading awareness about health write for us. We offer quality backlinks, Branding, and profile opportunities. It will also help you to be recognized as an expert in your field.

Health write for us

If you want to spread knowledge about health Write for us.

Due to a large number of requests, we cannot allow everyone to submit a guest post on our site if your article contains good and something relatable health write for us. To make the process easy and simple, below we have included the guidelines regarding guest post submissions.People are recognizing our site as a great health magazine if you are one of them and concerned about health or want to share your point of view related to health write for us. We strongly recommend you to go through all the criteria and hopefully you will find the answer to some of your common queries. Any submission which doesn’t follow the guidelines set by the editors will be automatically rejected. We are accepting an only health-based article if the base of your article is health write for us.

Benefits of Guest Posting on Health and Fitness

Guest posting is the process of creating content for someone else and publishing the article as a guest author. In the beginning, it doesn’t seem like a good idea well, of course, why should you spend time researching and writing content for someone else? There are lots of perks of guest posting that’s why we made a health write us campaign for our contributors.

What are the benefits of guest posting? Guest posting is one of the most popular and has an ongoing demand in the SEO industry. It helps you to increase high-quality backlinks from High authority websites which are working in the same niche. Guest posting is done for many different important factors, there are many benefits which comes out and here are 5 of them:

Brings High-Quality Traffic

Every time you submit a guest post on our site you get a link love back to your website. It can either be in the author’s bio at the end of the post or somewhere within the article. If you become a regular contributor for our site then you will also be given your own author bio area. When you write about something which is common for both the site then most likely you will receive some quality and most importantly targeted traffic back to your site. This new quality traffic can be very crucial for your site and some of them might become customers.

Get More Exposure

Do you have an idea as well as the content? and wants to tell others about it? Guest posting it on a High authority website will make sure that the idea reaches out to a lot of readers who share similar interests as you. It is a great way to get more exposure. Guest posting is one of the most efficient ways of building your brand name and promote your company. You can explain more about your company or most of the time we publish the author’s picture and this helps you to become more recognizable and also increase the authenticity of the post

Introduces You to New People

If you do it right then guest posting will benefit you more in the long run. The best part of guest posting is that it helps you get exposure to the already established community. Since your guest post will receive a lot of traffic eventually a lot of them will be visiting your social media profile through the link in your author bio. When you spread your message, it will allow you to connect with new people who share the same interests as you. They might become your regular reader, fan or follower or even customer in the near future.

Increase Social Media Followers

When you have a lot of exposure and that large amount of readership then you can also expect a lot of social media shares. This is only possible when you put on value into your post by being more helpful. When you tend to help others, they try to share it with those in need. All those people visiting your social media profile, there’s a good chance that a lot of them will be converting into followers. Even if the number is very small the new followers you will receive are beneficial, you just have to be patient.

Improve Your Website Authority and Search Ranking

Apart from this guest posting also has many SEO benefits. The quality of the blog post is very important, a well-written article will establish your company or you as an authority on the subject. When you get a backlink from a high-quality website like us this raises the value of your website to the search engines. Over time it will help you to increase the ranking of your website so people can find your content easily on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. It also helps you to increase the domain authority of your website.

What Type of Post Do We Prefer?

Whether you are an expert in your field with years of experience or just starting out as a new content writer. Guest posting on our website is open to all however there are certain criteria you must follow in order to get your content accepted from our editors.

The article must be focused on a specific topic it can either be a challenge or issue related to health care. However, we are not just limited to that and there are a lot of other topics you can cover. Below are the few things we prefer the most:

➔ Tech-based guest posts are the latest trend. You can cover topics like Digital Health, Mental Health, Telemedicine, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data analysis, Software, Hardware, Apps, Websites, and other fields related to health and fitness.

➔ Business Oriented Guest posts are also welcomed. You can cover various topics such as startups, investment, business growth, rules and regulations, legal advice, etc.➔

Here are some of the topics suggestions you can cover on our website.

  • Health and fitness tips.
  • Health-Related product reviews such as fitness gear.
  • Step by Step Workout tips.
  • Healthy Eating Tips.
  • How to gain weight or lose weight etc.
  • Exceptions:

  • Anything which is very promotional in nature is strictly not allowed.
  • The article gives the wrong impression of a competitor’s product.
  • Sharing an experience of something you didn’t like as a grievance.
  • Guidelines for submitting health write for us Guest Post!

  • The article you are going to write or already written must be 90% plagiarism error-free. We don’t like to use someone else’s work so ensure that the article is never published on your or any other website before.
  • Choose a good and unique title for your post and think more from the reader’s point of view and try to solve their issue. Make an awesome opening statement because if that’s not interesting the user is not going to continue reading the post.
  • Write your guest post in such a way that gives information regarding health and fitness to the users. Make sure not to use unnecessary information and difficult words that the user didn’t understand.
  • There is no specified length for the article but keep it more than 800 Words long. Don’t just finish the entire article in one or two paragraphs. Do a proper research and try to include all the useful information.
  • Images are a great way to illustrate something. You can choose to include one or more images in your post. It can either be in JPG or PNG format and more than 200 x 200 pixels in size.
  • In case you are using any content or image from a different source then make sure to include a credit along with the link at the bottom of the post. We love to give credits and a reliable source upon which the argument or point has been made to support it. Avoid using Stock images.
  • You can include a do-follow link to your own website or the company’s website within the article or in the author bio.
  • At the end of the article includes a short conclusion, summarizing the entire article in around 100 words. It is very important and should not be left out.
  • You can attach the images and the article within the email or upload them somewhere else. Just make sure it is easily accessible and Read/Write permission has been given.
  • Guest Post Submission Guidelines

    Post Formatting: A post in a proper format makes it easier for the readers to go through the content. You should write an article in a simple yet attractive way. Make use of Headings and Subheadings to divide the content into multiple parts. Highlight important lines using Bold or Underline and use proper punctuation and commas. Also, use bullet points when required.

    Submitting the post: We prefer the submission to be in the Word Document or as a Google Document. Microsoft Word or Google Docs allows us to easily view and edit the file. However, we are not just limited to this, you can always send the document in other formats as well such as HTML, PowerPoint Presentation or Simple text file.

    Keyword and Voice: Use the keyword at least one or two times in the first paragraph of the article and in subheadings. Don’t forget to use them in the Meta Description as well. These are the things that makes the article very much SEO friendly and helps in the ranking. Talking about the voice, keep it at least 30% passive.

    Meta Description: Include a short paragraph of fewer than 90 words. It must include a description of the article. You can add this at the bottom of the post and we will take that into consideration.

    Author Bio: You can choose to include an author bio at the end of the article along with a link to your personal website or Social media accounts such as Twitter or LinkedIn. You can also provide an email address that is linked to your Gravatar account so we can include your picture as well.

    How to Submit your health write for us Guest Post

    The process of submitting the guest post on our website is very simple. You can also send the pitch your idea about writing the article first. Once you submit the idea then our editorial team will review and let you know about it. Evaluating the topic beforehand is a great idea otherwise you can also attach the article along with the pitch which has not been published anywhere else.


    Once you have submitted the Guest Post our team will take some time to review it and then get in touch with you. The time taken will be completely dependent on how many submissions we have pending. Please allow us at least two weeks to respond back to your pitch. In case the article is rejected then don’t worry, you maintain the rights of your article and you are free to pitch someone else or publish it on your own website.

    Final Words

    Thank you so much for spending your time reading the guidelines. We appreciate all of you who send us their guest post submissions however due to a large number of requests we cannot allow all of them and this is why we have made the guidelines.

    If your submissions meet the guidelines set by our editorial team there’s a high chance that it will get accepted. If it does, well first of all congrats for that and now you can share it on your social media channels either from your personal or brand’s account if you feel inclined.

    We would also like you to know that once the article is published on our website then we must retain the right to the content. Republishing the same post on your own blog or any other website is strictly not allowed. Creating duplicate content doesn’t benefit anyone but instead, it can hurt the SEO results for all the sites involved.