Rainierland is a popular media streaming platform where you can watch your favorite movies, TV Shows, Web series, and documentaries. Rainierland has an extensive library and is updated regularly. The website is quite a user friendly and can be accessed through a mobile browser as well. Its layout gives you a feel of using Netflix, but unlike Netflix, Rainierland is entirely free to use and does not require you to purchase any subscriptions. The reason behind Rainierland being free is that it violates the copyright laws, and the contents that are streamed on its website are pirated.

This makes it a little challenging to access Rainierland because, due to piracy, the law enforcement agencies continuously keep a close eye on it, and the website, as well as the proxy links to the Rainierland website, continuously get blocked. The owner of Rainierland was also arrested once in 2016 in charge of violating the copyright laws. Since then, the quality of Rainerland has degraded a bit, but it is still one of the best options available out there for streaming your favorite TV shows for free. In this article, we will tell you how to watch free TV Shows in 5 steps on Rainierland.

Rainierland in 5 steps

Pros and Cons of Rainierland:

  • Rainierland is free to use a streaming platform for your favorite TV shows.
  • Rainierland contains most of the latest movies, TV shows, web series, and documentaries and is updated regularly.
  • The quality of the content on Rainierland is mostly good and is available in 720p HD.
  • Rainierland has an easy to use website which has a recommendation feature like Netflix for the registered users. You should know that the registration is neither mandatory nor requires any money.
  • The contents on the website of Rainierland violate the copyright laws, which makes it illegal.
  • There is a load of ads and pop-ups on the website, which makes are quite challenging to be managed without an adblocker, and most of them are a trap.
  • Due to some legal actions on the owner of Rainierland, it is not being maintained correctly, and due to it, many of the links to the contents are dead or are very slow.

Rainierland – Watch free TV Shows in 5 Steps:

In this section of the article, we will see how to watch free TV shows in 5 steps. If Rainierland has not been blocked in your region which has a slightly lesser possibility or you are not much concerned about your privacy over the internet, and the ads and pop-ups the follow these five steps to watch free TV shows in 5 steps on Rainierland

  1. Open Google Chrome web browser and search for the Rainierland proxy links list.
  2. From the list, choose a few and try to open them in separate tabs until you find one working proxy link of Rainierland.
  3. Once you have the active proxy link of Rainierland, then search for a TV show in the search bar of the Rainierland. If the TV show you are looking for is a popular one you might find it on the homepage itself.
  4. Once you find your favorite TV show, then click on it and open it.
  5. Click on the play button, and in case it does not play, choose another mirror link from the list and try playing using that link.

In case if you find that most of the proxy links are also blocked in your region which may be the actual case, then you need to follow the steps given below to watch free TV shows in 5 steps on Rainierland-

  1. Open Google Chrome web browser and install a VPN software and an adblocker (optional) from the chrome webstore. If you do not know how to do it, then check the last section of this article.
  2. Once you have the VPN and adblocker extensions installed, then activate the VPN and check whether it is working fine.
  3. Search for the links of the Rainierland website and try opening a few. Now you will be able to open the website of Rainierland. If even now you are not able to open the Rainierland website, then try changing the server region of your VPN extension.
  4. Once you have opened the website of Rainierland, then search for your favorite TV show and click on it.
  5. Now click on the big play button, and your TV show will start to play. If it does not play, then try playing it from other mirror links.

How to Install Required Extensions to Watch Free TV Shows in 5 Steps

Now let’s proceed and see how to watch free TV shows in 5 steps on Rainierland if it is blocked in your region. There will be a few software required to watch free TV shows in 5 steps, and that will be a VPN software and an adblocker. It would help if you had a VPN software for two reasons, the first being your security over the internet. VPN software will keep you anonymous and will maintain your privacy and security while browsing the internet. The second benefit of using a VPN is that it will help you in unblocking the Rainierland website if it has been blocked in your region.

The second thing you need is an adblocker. An adblocker is a necessary software when it comes to browsing websites like Rainierland because they contain a ton of advertisements and pop-ups that are very annoying as well as difficult to manage. One wrong click on these misleading ads can compromise the security of your internet browser by infecting I with adware. Therefore, it becomes essential to have an adblocker.

Talking about the VPN, you always have two options, either to go for some popular software and to download its paid or free version or to go for a browser extension, which works fine in case you are using google chrome web browser. There are plenty of free VPN extensions available on the chrome web store, and you can pick any of them depending on their features and ratings. In the case of adblockers, you get this as an added feature if you opt for a VPN software; otherwise, you can also download a browser extension for that.

Here again, the chrome webstore has plenty of adblockers. These adblockers run perfectly fine and do their job very well. Usually, we would prefer for the browser extensions as most of their free versions come with all the required functionalities, and they are straightforward to download, install, and remove. If you are entirely new to this, we will guide you through the process of downloading and installing these web extensions. The process is the same for both of them –

  • Open the Google Chrome browser.
  • Now click on this link or copy and paste this in address bar chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions and this will open the chrome Webstore for you.
  • In the search bar type VPN or Adblocker and it will display a list of required extensions.
  • Choose one and click on Add to Chrome button, which is usually on the top right side.
  • Google Chrome will automatically download and install the extension for you, and its icon will start appearing on the top right side of your Google Chrome window. Using this icon, you can activate or deactivate the extension as well as you can manage its settings.
  • Once you have installed the VPN and activated it, it’s time to check whether it is working or not. For that, open a new tab in google chrome and search for “my IP address.” If it shows an IP address other than the actual one, then you have everything set in place.

However, it would be best if you kept in mind that the free versions of VPN software or the extensions provide you a limited option for choosing a server, and the speed is also slower than the premium or the paid ones. But this is not a big issue as they work well. So. These are the basic things you need to set up once so that you can use them always while browsing the internet or streaming media from Rainierland or other similar websites.


So far, we have seen how to watch free TV Shows in 5 steps on Rainierland, but you should keep in mind the risk associated with it. Being an illegal website, which contains pirated content it may also attract problems for you.

Not only that, the pop-ups and ads are also deceptive and can infect your web browser with adware or spyware, which can cost you your privacy as well as your sensitive information. We always recommend you use the right streaming platforms as they are safe, ad-free, and, most importantly, legal. Most of them charge very less amount for their subscriptions, and the plans and subscriptions come in various shapes depending upon your needs. It will also help in curbing piracy and copyright violations.


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