Whatever the occasion, watching movies is the favorite time pass for almost everyone. Either with friends or cousins. With your babe or family. Or just alone with some popcorns and cola, watching a good movie or drama can uplift your mood anytime, anywhere.

But not everyone can afford Netflix or Hulu subscriptions as some of us belong to the middle class, and our life depends on Torrent. One of such sites that provide free high-quality movies and TV shows to stream in just one click is Rainierland.

What is Rainierland?

Rainierland is a popular website owned by Rainer Tamayo (hence the name) who created the website for easy access to entertainment content like movies and tv shows. The site went quite popular with thousands of viewers across the world because of its user-friendly interface and free service.

rainierland without vpn

Some of the merits of using Rainierland are:-

  • It allows access to hundreds of movies (Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood), dramas, seasons to its viewers, and all that, absolutely free.
  • All the shows and movies are of high quality and ready to stream.
  • No interruptions from the site as no ads are supported.
  • Extremely convenient to operate even for the newcomers. You understand all the features at once.
  • The content of Rainierland is updated every 4-5 days, and the latest movies and shows are added to your playlist.
  • There is no need to sign up or give your credit card details, which could be a major party pooper.
  • The homepage of the website has various suggestions for latent hits from which you can choose.
  • Almost all the great movies and hit tv shows like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, etc. are available.

Is Rainierland Legal?

Every seemingly ideal situation has a pitfall. The catch with Rainierland is that the website is illegal like a torrent. Yes, your doubts were valid. The site uploads content without permission violating copyright laws. That is why one prefers a VPN service while using such websites. Using a VPN gives you anonymity and untraceable connection, which ensures your security. But free VPN services are sometimes not as effective as the paid once and do not guarantee a secure tunnel. Also, not everyone knows how to get a free VPN service.

So what to do now? Don’t get sad. There are other ways in which a person can access Rainerland rather than using a VPN. And I am going to talk you through them.

How to Open Rainierland Without VPN?

Vpn is undoubtedly the best method to open restricted sites like Rainierland. If in any way, one cannot afford a VPN service, there are other ways as well to open them.

One can use applications like the Tor browser that hides your IP address and makes you anonymous while browsing. A slower but effective method is a Proxy. We’ll talk in detail about this too. Connectingto a public network is another way that can be used.

Ways to use Rainierland without VPN:-

  • Tor Browser

  • Tor is an open-source network or an anonymity network that is free to use. The name TOR is an acronym for its original name, “The Onion Router.” It is a popular application that provides anonymous communication service to its customers. It is effortless to use and is available worldwide.

    How to use Tor browser:-

    • Download, Install and configure the Tor browser in your PC.
    • Go online and make a connection to the network. The initial connection may take minutes.
    • Set your security level. Higher security, limited, is the feature usability of an unsafe site.
    • Change your browsing habits. Use Disconnect.me with Bing or Yahoo rather than Google.
    • You can also create a new identity in the browser by clicking on the hamburger icon.
    • Use the HTTPS rather than HTTP version of websites.
    • Visit the .onion sites which are hidden Tor services and are inaccessible to other search engines.

    It is a straightforward and effective method to secure yourself from any harm or legal action while using an illegal website like Rainierland.

  • Web Proxy

  • A web proxy is another way to keep your identity hidden and get a secure connection to the web. Now, what is web proxy? It is like a middleman between your computer and the site you are visiting. When you request a website, the request first goes to the proxy server, which then requests the website on your behalf. The results of the request made also come to the proxy server first, which then sends them to you. In the midst of all this, the proxy server changes your real IP address. It masks your identity while connecting to the network along with blocking ads, compressing data, removing scripts, suppressing pop-ups, and disabling cookies.

    How to use web proxy:-


    • Windows+I.
    • Settings > Network and Internet > Proxy.
    • Manual setup section > Use a proxy server > On.
    • Automatic Proxy setup > Use setup script > On.
    • Enter script address > Save.


    • Apple menu > System preferences.
    • Network icon> Adjust connectivity settings.
    • Advanced> Proxies.
    • To automatically configure select Auto proxy discovery > Secure Web Proxy(HTTPS). Fill the proxy server address.
    • To use a PAC file, select Automatic Proxy Configuration. Enter the proxy address.
    • Enter the username and password.
    • Click, “Ok.”

    Google Chrome

    • Toolbar > Settings > Show advanced settings.
    • Scroll down to System > Open your computer’s proxy settings.
    • Now follow according to your operating System as given above.


    • Toolbar > Safari > Preferences
    • Advanced > Proxies > Change settings.
    • Follow as given above “In macOS.”


    • Settings > Wifi.
    • Extended press wifi network > Modify network.
    • Manual > Enter the hostname and proxy port.
    • If you have a PAC file,> Proxy Auto-Configuration > Enter PAC address.
    • Tap “Save.”


    • Settings > Wifi.
    • Select Wifi connection.
    • Under HTTP proxy > Configure proxy.
    • Manual > Enter the hostname and proxy port (Also username and password if needed).
    • If your browser support WPAD > Automatic > Enter PAC file location (if required).
    • Tap “Back.”

    By following the above directions, you can set up a Proxy server and securely browse restricted websites like Rainierland.

  • Public Wifi

  • If you can, in any case, use public wifi network to stream your video in Rainierland, then it’d hide your IP address and provide you a relatively secure connection with the site. This is possible if you are in a hotel or a restaurant where free wifi is available.

    Now you know the different ways in which you can open Rainierland without having any repercussions. But are all these methods completely safe

Are all these methods 100% safe?

Sorry to break your bubble, but NO, these approaches are not entirely secure. They have their loopholes. You have to keep these in mind and take precautions accordingly.

Disadvantages of the methods mentioned above are:-

  • The Tor browser can turn you into a target for government surveillance as agencies like the FBI are very interested in Tor user’s activities.
  • Proxies can pass the user’s original IP address to the requested site and may hand over your data to the agencies in case of legal inquiries.
  • The browsers like Tor themselves have access to your private data, and you are not adequately protected.
  • When you use open apps or sites like Gmail or Amazon in the Tor browser or Proxies, where your credit card details and personal data is available, then this data is hidden no more. It can be easily extracted.
  • These methods are used for lots of illegal activities. Worse than just for entertainment purposes. Like browsing on the dark web. Just be a little more careful.

One can take extra precautions like switching off the Location, using the mobile’s network, and, if one can, use a VPN service while streaming in Rainierland.


Q. What is the difference between the Tor browser and Proxy?

Tor is a software that makes you anonymous by using numerous layers of encryption. The traffic is sent through a series of three relay points by Tor called nodes when you request a website to hide your original IP address.

A proxy acts as an intermediary between you and the website you are trying to visit. Your browser connects to Proxy and Proxy connects to the website you requested, so you are not directly exposed.

Q. Can I use the Tor browser and Proxy together?

Yes, you can use Tor to connect to a proxy. This will make sure that the other end of the connection is obscured by the fact that you are using Tor. (helpful when the connection is blocking Tor).

But using Proxy to connect to Tor even guarantees less safety as the connection between you and Proxy is less secure and not protected anymore.

Q. Which is the better way to open Rainierland? Tor or Proxy?

If you can deal with slow connection but not ads, Tor is better.

And, if you can deal with ads, but speed cannot be compromised, go with Proxy.

Love to stream movies in Rainierland, but VPN Service is off-limits? These are some easy and effective ways to open Rainierland without VPN, and what’s even better? They’re all Free.


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