These days, gaming laptops are getting better and better, with features which put them at par with the best custom-built rigs out there. In addition, these are quite portable and can be used for a number of other purposes as well. With conventional desktop PCs, you need to put in a lot of time, effort, and money to build the right machine for your needs. If you want to go for convenience, there’s nothing better than one of the top-ranking gaming laptops out there.

However, the story doesn’t just end at getting the best laptop you can find. You also need to get some accessories to make the whole experience more comfortable and fun for you. It must be noted, however, that a good internet connection, like the ones Spectrum offers, is the top necessity. There are a few must-have items you should get. Get the best ones in your budget and you’re sure to have a gaming setup that everyone will envy! Here are some of the accessories that are necessary. Apart from these, use your imagination and go wild.

Gaming Mouse

Playing videogames with the trackpad on your laptop is almost impossible. No trackpad has the response time or functionality needed to perform well in most fast-paced games. Just imagine trying to win a DOTA match with just your trackpad.

A gaming mouse is the first accessory every laptop gamer must get. Get one that’s big enough to fit in your hand comfortably. Furthermore, choose one with programmable buttons so you can set macros for all your games and respond immediately to any situation. Corsair and Logitech has some really good options for this purpose.

High-quality Headset

When playing multi-player games or streaming games online, you must have the right audio equipment. Just using the laptop’s own speaker system won’t cut out the external sounds, and you may miss out on important instructions from your teammates.

Hence, you need a good gaming headset. This should include noise-canceling technology, a crisp microphone, and must fit comfortably over your ears. Comfort is key, as you’ll be wearing the headset for long periods of time. Razer and HyperX have top-rated headsets you can check out.


There are many games out there which do not work well with just a mouse and keyboard. You need a controller to perform at your best in these games. Think about it, do you want to do a run of Dark Souls III with just your mouse and keyboard? If you do, then kudos!

Otherwise, a good controller makes the gaming experience better overall. It is also much healthier for your hands and wrists. Controllers are designed to be ergonomically comfortable and sync well with games, so get one now! With Windows systems, you should just go for an Xbox controller, as the synergy is already there. Sony’s DualShock controllers are also an excellent option, but you might have to use an emulator for some games.

Cooling Pad

All that gaming can be really heavy on a machine, particularly with how high-quality the graphics are these days. No matter how good your laptop is, you need a heat sink to prevent it from burning out. The best way to prevent overheating is to use a cooling pad while playing. You can get these online and from any computer store, so buy it immediately to protect your laptop.

Portable Charger

Gaming on the go is a major advantage you have with a laptop. However, games also tend to drain the battery quite quickly. Therefore, you need a backup energy source to keep your laptop up and running when the battery runs out.

Therefore, you should get a portable charger/battery pack with enough capacity to charge your laptop a couple of times. Omni has some really good options you can choose from.

Proper Desk & Chair

With laptop gaming, comfort is a major aspect. You don’t want your neck and back to feel sore after a long WoW raid with your guild. Therefore, you need a proper setup with a desk at the right height and an ergonomically-designed chair. You can get a good desk from most furniture retailers, but a gaming chair is a whole other story. Razer has some gorgeous and highly comfortable options, so invest in your comfort.

To sum up, you can elevate your laptop gaming experience with just a few accessories for your comfort and enjoyment. As for the aesthetics, it’s all up to you, so let your creativity run free!


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