Shopping for a new mattress can be overwhelming, especially with the various combinations available in the market. What’s more, besides committing considerable amounts of time and effort during the search, you also have to prepare a notable financial investment for when you make your purchase.

However, researching beforehand can significantly reduce your burden when you finally go shopping. In fact, reading the necessary facts regarding mattresses will tell you what to look for and how to do it. In this article, you will learn about the seven tips for buying a new mattress.

Research About Mattresses

If you are unsure about how to get the best mattresses for your sleeping needs, learning the basic details about them should be your first step. Start by understanding the common types of mattresses and their materials.

  • Innerspring Mattresses use steel springs that compress with applied weight, resulting in more bounce.
  • Foam Mattresses use natural or synthetic materials that allow the bed to conform to a person’s body, providing comfort and pressure relief.
  • Hybrid Mattresses are a combination of innerspring and foam materials, possessing features from both types of mattresses.
  • Water Mattresses, as the name implies, mainly use water as the support system of the structure.
  • Air Mattresses use air within foam layers, which can be pumped according to a sleeper’s firmness preference.

Get Medical Advice

If you’ve recently been to the doctors and are confident that you are healthy, you can skip this step. Otherwise, ask your health care provider for a checkup and advice on what mattress features would suit you best.

This step is especially crucial for those with orthopedic cases or who are currently undergoing physical therapy. As a matter of fact, having a mattress that provides the right amount of support is helpful in either speeding up the recovery process or preventing a condition from worsening.

Buy at the Right Time

You can always buy a mattress anytime you want; however, there’s actually a recommended timing for when you should go mattress shopping. During this time, you will find yourself with options from fairly recent releases at great deals.

Generally, manufacturers launch new models of mattresses every June. Hence, the following three to four months are typically bustling with buyers. Unfortunately, mattress prices will inflate during this time due to the high demand. If you can afford it, go for it; but if you can’t, you can always go shopping at the end of the peak period, when prices drop to affordable amounts.

Be Aware of Shady Schemes

Gimmicks are present everywhere in the market, and the most common victims are those that have limited knowledge about mattresses. Often, fraudsters sell mattresses at unreasonably high or low prices. Gullible buyers usually fall for these shams because of how they are advertised as coming with incredible features.

For example, some sellers would advertise mattresses with medically approved labels. This claim is a red flag because there are no official organizations that give medical certifications to mattresses. If you suspect you are experiencing a shady scheme, call the police and report the scam to prevent its prevalence.

Always Test Out the Mattresses

Sales assistants can be very convincing with how they describe products. Unfortunately, they often exaggerate what they say to hook you into making a purchase. When a sales assistant advertises something, make sure to confirm it by lying down on the mattress to test it out.

Doing this step can keep you from making rash purchases and gives you a preview of what a mattress would feel like if you were to sleep on it. Moreover, testing out mattresses in the store helps you discover features that you might not like, saving you the trouble of the long process of getting a return or replacement that comes with careless purchases.

Read and Watch Product Reviews

If you find yourself fancying a mattress, don’t get too tempted to make the purchase yet. Before that, make sure to read and watch product reviews on the internet, and discover the honest opinions of those who bought the same mattress.

In product reviews, you will learn several things about the mattress, including the positive and negative aspects of sleeping on it. This extra step will help you identify if the product will meet your expectations and is worth the purchase.

Find Favorable Trial Periods, Return Policies, and Warranty Terms

When shopping for a mattress, don’t settle with exploring only one store. Instead, visit as many stores as possible to examine the products. At the same time, you can assess the benefits of purchasing a product from each store.

Although different stores can sell the same products, they offer varying trial periods, return policies, and warranty terms. To ensure that you will get the best benefits, take the time to study the agreements that come with a mattress and choose the best offer only.


Before going to a mattress shop and purchasing whatever is available, you need to research the necessary facts first. That way, you can know what you need and the features that can cater to them. Without a doubt, this simple task should make it easier to find the best mattress for you.


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