Fathers Day is the tie of year you get to show aprication to your dad. Although you should do this every day, you can take the time to do something extra special that aligns with your relationship. You and your dad have developed a special bond over the years, making Father’s Day a time to celebrate and reminisce on the things you’ve done together and the stages you went through.

If you are still trying to think of what to do, here are 10 ways to make Father’s Day extra special this year.

1. Have a Game Night

A game night calls for endless possibilities. It can be his favorite card games to getting active outside and playing a football game that brings him back to the old days. You can create many memories by playing your favorite games and channeling your fun, competitive sides. Try to outsmart him at his own game or learn some new tricks.

2. Share Memories

No matter what age, sharing memories is a great way to reconnect and reminisce on the great times you experienced together. Your dad might even bring out some new stories that you had never heard of before from when you were a child. Sharing your favorite memories of each other will help you both feel loved and appreciated.

3. Have a Cookout

Nothing hits the spot like a delicious dinner celebration on Father’s Day. Cook up your dad’s favorite meal or do something extravagant for him. If your dad loves a juicy burger on a warm summer day, put a spin on it to elevate the experience. This is how you can make Father’s Day special for your dad. Add something you don’t usually include on your dad’s burger, such as lobster, to make it a surf n’ turf experience instead of a classic beef burger.

Serve the burger with delicious toppings like lettuce, bacon and tomato to add texture and flavor. Add sides like french fries, veggies or whatever will put a smile on his face.

4. Take a Small Vacation

Sometimes all your dad needs is to escape from his daily life and refresh on vacation. Take him on a road trip to an area he loves. Whether that is a beach trip or something in the mountains, there are endless places to travel. You can explore new areas nearby if you don’t want to stray too far away. There are plenty of places to see when you get out of the house or you can do a virtual tour if you are wondering how to celebrate Father’s Day at home.

5. Get Involved With His Hobby

Showing interest in your dad’s hobby is a great way to feel like you value who he is. If your dad is into golf or doing science experiments, spend the day getting involved with what he likes to fill his time with. Even if it is not something you enjoy, taking an interest in his life and what he likes is an excellent way to learn more about each other a continue building your relationship.

6. Work Out Together

Working out together helps you push each other and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Adults need 2 days of muscle strengthing activity per week. Encourage him to get active and push himself in a HIIT or strength class together. It can be virtual or in person, depending on the comfort level. If hitting a high-intensity exercise is too much for your dad, you can do a yoga class that will quickly increase the heart rate.

7. Plan a Spa Day

This might not be your typical Father’s Day activity, but it will let him feel pampered and refreshed. Dads need pampering just as much as anyone and they may neglect it more than they should. Being a dad is stressful, so getting a massage, pedicure or a face mask is a great way to unwind and feel like a brand-new person.

8. Have a Movie Night

If your dad wants to have a chill night, spend quality time by having a movie marathon. Let your dad pick the movie you guys will watch, even if it is something you aren’t interested in. It is his day, so you can sit with him and watch something he will enjoy and then you can pick the next one to keep the night going.

9. Throw a Themed Party

Have a party theme about him to make this Father’s Day exciting and memorable. It can reflect his interests or have everyone dress up as iconic photos of your dad captured over the years. Coming up with a creative theme will have him laughing and enjoying the party you set up for him.

10. Make a Home-Made Gift

Home-made gifts are always memorable since it shows the time and effort you put into making them. No matter what it is, if it is something you came up with, it will demonstrate the love and time you put into making sure your dad has a fantastic day.

Enjoy This Years Father’s Day

There are so many ways to make this Father’s Day extra special. Depending on your dad’s personality, he will love any of the options you choose to make his day.


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