When you want to get a new mattress without really knowing everything about a mattress amazing, how can you tell if it is an upgrade compared to what you had? It’s essential to know everything about a mattress to make your trip to the mattress store quick, easy, and, more importantly, efficient. You wouldn’t want to keep visiting the store over and over because you can’t make up your mind.

What are the parts that make a mattress so good? You have to think about the materials, the price, the size, the mattress type, the firmness or softness, and most importantly, how comfortable you feel when you lie down on the mattress. So make sure you take at least 5 minutes out of your mattress browsing to test out the mattresses that piqued your interest. That way, you’ll be sure of your purchase!

Know Your Mattress Types

Most of the time, people will claim that they know the best mattresses since they feel the most comfortable using them and you’d be tempted to get the same types. Remember, their bodies are entirely different from yours, so you should only consider what suits you no matter what they say. Please don’t base your decision entirely on theirs, although knowing their opinions about what you might buy is also pretty helpful.

While you’re shopping, you might find that there are often three types more popular than all of the other mattress types currently existing. There are innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and hybrid mattresses. You should consider all of your options first before finally deciding – each mattress type will have its attributes.

Know Your Health History

You might be thinking that this isn’t that important when it comes to choosing a mattress, but you’re sorely mistaken. So hear us out, what if you buy a mattress, sleep on it one night, and wake up with red spots all over. It might be sad to say this, but that mattress you’ve bought that you thought was perfect is something that you might be allergic to!

There may be certain materials that go into a mattress that doesn’t agree with your body – your allergies. If you’re uncertain about those kinds of things, it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? What if you’re allergic to dust and your mattress type is the type that’s the best at sucking up all of the dust particles in the air – do you think you’ve made the right choice?

Know The Firmness You’d Like

Knowing the firmness level you’d like for your mattress is very important since it will be one of the first things that you’re going to notice when testing out the mattress. You wouldn’t want something too firm to the point where it feels like you’ve just put a blanket over some wooden boards, right?

When choosing your firmness level, you should consider your body weight, size, and shape. For example, if you get a mattress too soft, it’s not going to be able to support your body. You’d just sink towards the middle, and you aren’t getting any back support when sleeping. Adversely, choosing something too firm would just end up more painful than comfortable because you’re not getting the pressure relief that your body needs either.

Know The Softness You Want

On the other hand, like mentioned above, it would be a wrong choice to get something too soft for you. Most of the time, getting a mattress too soft would just sag toward the center and would fail to retain the original shape of the mattress. However, suppose the bed does sink more quickly toward the center. In that case, you’re back to the wooden frame of your bed, and we’re back to the discussion of pressure relief like what we had about the firmness level.

It would be ideal for getting something with some resistance, enough for you to feel that your back is still being supported while still maintaining that feeling of being absorbed into the bed. Getting that little extra resistance to the bed would also mean that something in the bed would stop it from sinking in too much the longer you have the mattress.

Know The Price You Can Afford

Think of this situation. The perfect mattress is right in front of you with all of the things that you’ve wanted – the perfect firmness and softness, the best materials, the most extraordinary durability. But, still, it is something too far out of your reach. So think of a plan to avoid this, decide on a budget and think of a range you’re willing to spend. That way, you can confidently pay for the mattress you’ve chosen!


There’s no doubt that choosing a bed will be a tiring task because of all of the different things you’re going to need to think about. However, as long as you’ve come up with criteria and a plan before you even stepped foot outside of your home, then your shopping trip would be smooth sailing!


My name is Paul Miller - fitness freak by choice. I intensively study and write about nutrition and health related topics. After reading and researching intensively on human health, I aspire to proliferate the wisdom that I acquired in a simple way.

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