The right mattress for you adds spice to your sleeping experience. If you wake up uncomfortable, with aches, and overall not an excellent quality of sleep, then maybe your mattress, among the other things in your room, needs an upgrade. Having a great bed can make you feel comfortable, which promotes a night of better sleep.

Before you run off to buy a new mattress, gather some information about the different types first, considering several options are available in store. This guide will unveil the features these mattresses have to give you an idea of what you are investing yourself into and learn what bed best fits your lifestyle.

Memory Foam

First on the list is the Memory Foam. The airline pilots first used this in the 1970s to ensure support and protection when their plane crashes. Nowadays, it is still widely used, such as for pillows, and most famously, in mattresses.

The best beds 2021 has on sale have so much to offer when it comes to your comfort. Memory Foam is one of the best beds you can get. This bed, also known as the viscoelastic foam, provides support by sinking in the curves of your body while elevating your weight evenly. With that said, a professional chiropractor also suggests having a memory foam mattress for people with back pains.

Latex Foam

Latex foams are affordable beds with excellent quality material. Eco-conscious people usually opt for this type since it uses environmentally friendly materials. The material is also ideal for people who sleep with a person who shifts around a lot in their bed because latex holds back any motion, resulting in them feeling less movement and having a quality sleep.

Latex mattresses are naturally robust, and they keep their shape and function for a long-lasting duration. Its materials are naturally resistant to fire and much more durable and safer, so people expect it to last longer.


If you prefer a bed with support and little bounce in them, then innerspring is for you! This bed is the most common and traditional one that uses layers of comfort materials and coils. The bouncing effect of the innerspring mattress offers excellent support and helps a person get in and out of their bed in just a simple swift.

Spring mattresses have been around for a while now, but current upgrades make them more comfortable and well built than before. The springs can help you, the sleeper, in providing support and control the motion transfer better. The coil system is arranged either wrapped individually and pocketed or connected.

When the coil support system is connected, the movement of the coils will respond as one unit, so whenever your partner moves around the bed, you will feel it as well. On the other hand, if the placement of the coils is unconnected and in individuals, then there is a chance you won’t feel their motion.

Hybrid Mattress

Suppose you’re confused about what bed to buy because you both like the functions of innerspring and memory mattresses. Hybrid Mattress is here to save your worries since this bed combines the materials of both types!

Hybrid Mattress provides extra support and comfort. Its coils and layers of foam can handle more weight, making it a more durable and long-lasting mattress. The springs won’t let you sink in too far in your bed because of the coils. Overall, it is much easier to move around in general.

Air Mattress

From the word itself, air fills the mattress along with some paddings and foams. Modern-time innovations allowed the mattress industry to partner with air technology, resulting in a much more comfortable and supportive base for your sleep experience.

You can adjust the air chambers in this bed, allowing you to alter its firmness depending on your preference. Storage space is also not a problem for this bed because it can be deflated and hidden somewhere.


Sleeping in a waterbed is worthy of consideration, especially if you feel aches and pains in your body. This type of bed has a built-in heater wherein its warmth will give you instant relief from your distress and help you go to a comfortable sleep.

Sleeping on a waterbed makes you feel calmer in the morning and helps prevent morning stiffness. This bed provides you comfort in your sleeping position because it molds to the form of your body, so you don’t need to move around the bed until you find that one comfortable position.


Now that you have learned the overview of the different mattress types, it’s time for you to ponder and find the perfect mattress for you. Your day will sometimes depend on the quality of your sleep, so start investing in a bed that fits you well and spend the rest of the day in freshness.

Although all mentioned mattresses are excellent choices with unique conditions, find one that goes well with your lifestyle to get the most from your investment. Go and sleep at night with ease and worry-free, knowing you made the right choice.


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