It’s no wonder how Gucci is among the most luxurious brands worldwide. In line with other designer brands such as Hermes, Versace, Cartier, and Louis Vuitton, Gucci is among the top-tier brands you can get, whether it’s clothes, shoes, or watches. The company has a solid reputation when it comes to luxury products, and a lot of people love their items.

It’s not been long that Gucci introduced their watch collection and models. Although the brand is more popular because of their clothes and exquisite bags, they also have collections of watches you can choose from. In this article, you will know what Gucci’s top six watches for men are.

Gucci’s Men’s Watch Model YA126409

If you are looking for a more timeless watch piece for men, Gucci Watch Men has the best watch model for you to get. The YA126409 displays a classic and traditional watch that will match every outfit. Whether you are going for casual or formal, this timepiece can fit like a sock.

The YA126409 displays brilliant two-tone steel with a gold plate around it. This watch’s movement is Swiss quartz, and whenever you see this watch, you will indeed fall in love with it. You will also notice this timepiece because of its silver dial. The hands of the clock are made with sapphire crystal glass, and it is genuinely scratch-resistant. Wear this on any occasion, anywhere!

Gucci’s Men’s Watch Model YA126317

If you are looking for a silver-toned men’s watch that is slim enough to be worn anytime and anywhere, the YA126317 is the best watch to get. The G-timeless Slim is among the best models you can get from Gucci, and many famous male artists have this.

The watch features a Swiss quartz movement that adds to the timeless vibe that the timepiece shows off. A silver metal secures the bracelet, and you can see a neatly detailed bronze-colored dial.

Gucci’s Men’s Watch Model YA126440

If blue is your favorite color, the model YA126440 Gucci watches for men is the best one to get. This watch is sleek, stylish, and it displays an exquisite look. This watch is a perfect timepiece to finish off a business attire.

Gucci model YA126440 is recognizable because of its large dial, which measures about 38mm. It is part of the G-timeless collection, and it is among the elegant-looking ones. The watch is made of stainless steel, and it has a Swiss quartz movement. Aside from the stainless metal bracelet, the dial is also an eye-catcher because it displays a beautiful blue hue.

Gucci’s Men’s Watch Model YA136301

If you think a dress watch is not the one for you, then the next option would be getting a diver’s watch. This Gucci men’s watch model YA136301 is among its best diver’s timepiece and in the watch market.

It showcases a 200-meter water-resistant watch, and it is made of stainless steel. The hour hands and indicators are also more extended than other watches, making the dial display look more sophisticated. The timepiece runs in a Swiss quartz movement, and the dial is made of sapphire crystal glass.

Gucci’s Men’s Watch Model YA101203

Showcasing a timeless and original Swiss watch, this Gucci timepiece model YA101203 is a great choice to get. It is among the most attractive models that Gucci offers in their watch collection, and many watch enthusiasts and Gucci fans know this timepiece from its looks.

The watch features an elegant Gucci watch with G-chronograph, and a fantastic hint of gold color goes around the timepiece. The gold is made of OVD material, and it fits well in any outfit. The movement of this watch is a Swiss quartz analog. The elegant black dial is protected by sapphire crystal glass, and the strap is made of matte black material.

Gucci’s Men’s Watch Model YA114207

This watch is not only made for men, but women who love Gucci can also wear YA114207. This timepiece knows no gender and can be worn by both men and women. This watch is among the unique models that Gucci has because the case is ion-plated.

Aside from the ion-plated case, the strap is also made of rubber. The rubber strap is then associated with Gucci’s famous green-red-green line color. It is also adjustable and can fit on any wrist. The watch operates in a clock Swiss quartz movement and has both date and alarm functions for everyday use.


Whether you are a Gucci fan, you will always find the right Gucci watch for yourself. So, if you are looking for a luxurious watch that makes up a significant investment, Gucci watches are among the best ones to get. Their timepieces are durable, and you can even walk with pride whenever you wear them anywhere you go.


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