In summer with the heat, we want to wear less makeup, but we do not like to go with our face washed and our skin looking dull. Especially if our skin does not have a homogeneous tone and has some spots, blemishes or pimples, etc. An alternative product to makeup bases is BB Cream. If you have not yet dared to try them, you have to know that these products moisturize the skin, correct imperfections, protect it from the sun and even from contamination and unify the tone, providing luminosity and a good face effect instantly.

The BB Cream is halfway between a makeup product and product treatment. Although it has become popular thanks to Korean cosmetics, in reality, its origin is German. We owe the first BB Cream to Dr Christine Schrammek from Germany. She made it camouflage the side effects that some cosmetic medicine treatments cause on the skin.


It is the multifunction cosmetic par excellence since in a single product it:

  1. Hydrates the skin for hours.
  2. Unify the tone immediately, covering imperfections such as stains, swollen veins, wrinkles and fine lines.
  3. Protects the skin from the sun thanks to its sunscreens, and some even wear an anti-pollution shield.
  4. Leave the skin radiant, thanks to the pigments that provide luminosity and color, getting a good face instantly.
  5. They are light, so you will not feel your skin is coated heavily, especially in summer.
  6. There are specific formulas for oily and combination skin, and they are also available in various shades, so you can find the one that best suits your skin color.

It is no secret to anyone that Asian women, especially Korean women, are makeup lovers, presuming they have porcelain skin at all times. But how do they do it? One of its greatest allies is to have the benefits of BB Cream, although this cream does not come from South Korea.

The acronym BB stands for Blemish Balm, which is also an anti-imperfection balm. It emerged in the world as a measure of dermatologists to treat sensitive skin and those undergoing laser surgeries. But it is precisely the Korean Cosmetics that was responsible for popularizing its use.

Many ask the question of whether a BB Cream can be classified as a makeup base, and the answer is no. The reason is that a base usually provides more coverage and color. On the other hand, with BB Cream you have a more natural finish on the skin since it has a lighter texture, but to choose the best option you must consider the needs according to the type of skin.

Benefits of BB Cream on the skin

One of the benefits that make BB Cream so popular is its ability to unify skin tone. In Korean Cosmetics, it is common to find this type of cream with a grayish hue; causing the yellow tone of the people of the eastern countries to be counteracted. But in Australia, that does not work very well. Therefore, many laboratories have adapted the formula for this type of skin.

Leaves skin soft

On the other hand, it could be confused with the classic moisturizers with color; since they are usually prescribed for skin with problems such as spots or acne. They are also often used as a base. But those who defend BB Cream claim that they tend to have a lighter finish, leaving a “baby soft” skin.

Conceals imperfections

Among the many benefits highlights the fact that it conceals imperfections very well, this is thanks to its combination between a moisturizer and a makeup base; which makes it perfect for concealing expression lines and spots. It also gives a light sensation on the skin, so you will not feel heavy throughout the hours.

Also a sunscreen

At any time in a woman’s life, she wonders if it is advisable to put the sunscreen and makeup base together. With the Blemish Balm, this question is completely forgotten, since most bb creams contain sunscreens great advantage when protecting the skin from sun rays, also preventing them from developing spots, but it is recommended to verify when the product is to be purchased and if it has no protector, add it before BB Cream.

BB Cream options

On the other hand, this makeup item can be found in different presentations, depending on the type of skin, a texture will be selected. A creamier base will be perfect for dry skin, while a more fluid version will combine better with oily skin. Besides, it can also be chosen depending on the final finish, if it is more luminous or matt.

BB Cream VS CC Cream

Since the benefits of BB Cream were discovered, several variants have been developed. Each has certain uses and should not be confused, even if they have the same origin. The first of them is known as CC Cream for Color Control or Color Correcting. This version, basically looking for the same thing as the BB cream, correct the skin color. However, its coverage is greater.

A CC Cream will have greater color, managing to unify the skin tone; providing greater luminosity and hiding skin spots being the perfect combination between makeup and concealer. Besides, it has the same protective factors of Blemish Balm, and if it is combined with a makeup base to get more coverage, the skin is much more careful.

DD cream

Now, you can also have a DD Cream or Daily Defense Cream. These new versions focus all their efforts on complete skin care daily. Containing more antioxidants and sun protection factor, this can reach an SPF 50. On the other hand, the hydration is also usually deeper, helping to prevent the appearance of wrinkles or expression lines. They are usually more recommended for women with dry skin, thanks to their help to moisturize this type of skin.

Finally, Anti Age Cream or AA Cream, are expressly recommended for mature skin that seeks to delay the signs of aging. It is a more internal treatment, seeking to rescue the elasticity of the skin. In those skins that are oily or mixed, AA Creams make the makeup last longer.

Unquestionably the benefits of BB Cream make it a very versatile item that is worth using. Of course, as long as you know the requirements of the skin to which it will be applied.


BB Cream or blemish balm, or anti-imperfection balm) became popular thanks to Korean cosmetics some years ago. And since then there have been many firms that have opted for this multifunction product. BB cream offers multiple actions in a single product. It unifies the skin tone, takes care of the skin and protects from ultraviolet rays. Besides, they are suitable for all skins, including more sensitive skin types.



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