Watching movies online has been building up like wildfire. People are dedicating their time to watch serials, shows, and movies online through various service providers like Rainierland and Project Free TV. Let’s find out which website offers the best features and which one to choose while looking for your favorite Movies or TV Show.

About Rainierland:

Rainierland is an online website which avails the users to watch free movies, serials and nevertheless lives tv. It was brought up by Rainer Tomayo and hence, named after him as Rainierland. The website delivers free movies to stream online for which you only need to login and start your entertainment by surfing through an ample number of videos. Unlike laid websites, Rainierland is entirely free for all the users. Then how come the developer earn money would be the question triggered in your mind? All the advertisements which are displayed on the website pay money to the developer. The website doesn’t ask for any personal details either to log in or pay to stream videos, unlike other websites. This had paved the path to the popularity of Rainierland.

The website automatically detects your Savory and recommend movies based on which you have seen before. This will add to save your time from browsing movies to retain your time. The Rainierland is equipped with a superb property on the website, which attributes to enable movies matching genres that you like. Many people have a specific flavor that they love utmost and taste the same repeatedly. For such kind of people, Rainierland provides an option called movie explorer situated on the home screen to stream the movies of your preferred genre. The movie explorer possesses different tabs with distinguished genres.

The website avails to have almost all the genres covering the length and breadth of the film industry to ensure that the user will indeed get satisfied with his search accordingly. If you are unable to find the desired movie on the homepage, then simply open the search bar and enter the name of it; once the website is loaded, you are provided with the relevant movie, whether streaming it or downloading it is up to you.

To know about the fact is that Rainierland is an illegal website that does not hold licenses and neither generates its data, thus provides all the pirated movies online. It is quite different from Netflix and Amazon prime, which make their content with a legalized license. But one thing which differentiates Rainierland from other websites is it’s no payment option to stream on the website as it is entirely free. Rainierland is a tremendous source for streaming online movies. When you’re on the web site, you’ll get ample of flicks to stream for no cost and browse your aspired movies within no time, and this was made possible with timely refurbished data as well as a quick search facility. Rainierland land consists of a considerable number of users streaming for movies and chilling out their time. So, it gives rise to an advantage for every person who wants to add some entertainment to his day, and that is why Rainierland is known to be one of the best buzzworthy websites.

About Project Free TV:

Project Free TV is an online website serving tv shows, videos, and movies for free. The domain of Project Free TV is compatriotic with adware. It has quite mesmerizing contents with fascinating videos and movies to keep the users in touch with it to provide their utmost entertainment. The content which is displayed on the site is licensed so, and they do not fall under piracy. Project Free TV enables high-quality videos as well as settings to stream in desired quality. Project Free TV pop-ups and redirects blow in when you start computing the catalog and probing for a movie or when you try logging into an account. These redirects and pop-ups are the most chaotic segments. These redirects lead your way to an undisclosed website and applications when you click them. These phishing pop-ups are the gateways for online scams. These redirects also plummet your browsing quality.

These websites in Project Free TV may seem innocuous for you, but these tech support sites and phishing domains make oneself find solely into dangerous websites and applications. It is suggested to safeguard your computer with a believed antivirus or anti-malware applications when you use Program Free TV. These anti-malware programs shield your device from these damaging threats. When discussing the popularity of a site, it is essential to consider why that is so. After all, nothing in this world reaches a high status without reason. And in the case of Project Free TV, you would understand the said reason when you consider its features. Indeed, these are what makes the site what it is, and attracts viewers in the first place. They are as follows. There are many different types of programs that are available here, from long feature films to TV and web series.

  • The interface of this site is very user-friendly, with a visually placed search area, and many categories.
  • Also, the icons of the movies and shows are big and visible, and further showcases the needed information. When you scroll your cursor over these icons in its browser page, the excerpt, ratings, etc., come on display.
  • You can choose according to the genres of the content, featured, trending, featured, top-rated, and other such options.
  • You will get many additional links from which you can stream the movies or shows.

According to the latest reports, Project Free TV is found to be a harmless entertainment site. Still, as mentioned above, you must be cautious while using Project Free TV because of these distrustful online ads, which are highly dangerous. These websites have a great aptness in deceiving users to reveal their personal information and dupe their sitting target to download potentially unwanted programs, like adware and browser hijackers.

These potentially unwanted programs weaken computer security and privacy. N-number of our users turned up and reported that they are frequently receiving these redirects in Project Free TV sites. This application has been insistent with the aid of adware programs. These potentially unwanted programs can be thrown away easily with the help of freeware or shareware. In this case, you will need to eliminate Project Free TV advertisements using a believable anti-spyware application. It is the only tranquil way to get rid of all these unethical applications which set their foot on your computer.

Contrast Between Rainierland and Project Free TV:

Both Rainierland and Project Free TV are similar in use to watch tv shows and movies. But unlike Rainierland, Project Free TV is directed to many false sites that pop up and halt your streaming. Once you click the pop-up advertisement, then you will be redirected to that site and carry the virus. Thus, Project Free TV has to be handled with care while streaming to have safe watching.

Rainierland is also an illegal website. It uploads the content that doesn’t belong to them, and they don’t produce their content. Rainierland is violating copyright laws. But it doesn’t mean that watching a movie on Rainierland means you’re sinning. Or someone will come and arrest you for doing so. It’s not like that. You can still watch movies without any fear. Just close up your location before approaching the website or use VPN to cover IP addresses to avoid any entirely legal issues.

I can guarantee Rainierland has a bright future. Or will it continue streaming movies or not as it’s an illegal website and is always in the eye of law enforcement agencies. Now when switching off Project Free TV, which has already changed its name several times now. Most probably, it was due to copyright issues. However, it remains one of the most popular sites for people who want to watch movies online for free. At the moment, it seems that it is safe.

Besides, many users reported that they got tricked with fake Flash Player updates or other pop-ups. After that, they found a Conduit virus installed on their PCs. Additionally, some users said that they need to have been asked to supply personal details while using Project Free TV. Kindly do not produce any personal details on suspicious websites. Only trusted sources should have access to your credit card details; otherwise, they might end up sold on the black market, which consequently would result in stolen money or identity theft.

Also, you should always pay attention to the piracy-related concerns and problems that are usually cannot be separated from such websites. Besides, this site is additionally known for displaying intrusive, aggressive, and even dangerous ads. Project Free TV ads are popped up while streaming or watching movies.


Now it’s your choice to decide between Rainierland and Project Free TV as both are set up with similar prospects, and consequences selection would be a bit typical. But anyhow, one can watch only on a single website at the same time choosing the better one based on your taste is a must. If you would ask me to suggest I would prefer Rainierland as it doesn’t carry your streaming to other websites unlike Project Free TV, always raise pop advertisements which once tapped build virus in your system. So, to stay safe, do not click any pop-up window and stick to watch videos only rather than involving in unnecessary stuff.


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