Do you always wonder why other people work with many things, yet they still accomplish all of those on time? There must be a secret behind those accomplishments, right? Well, the secret is simple, Pal, you just need to secure a tool that will be with you forever. In this manner, you’ll not be worn out catching the deadline.

Your incapacity for converting bulky papers will be stopped today because we’re going to provide you with the best online converter; this online tool is recognized as PDFBear. The PDFBear will never let you down; just do a few clicks, and there you have your altered documents! Keep reading to discover more about this converter!

Fit for Any Job

With PDFBear, everything will never go wrong. Do you have a problem with converting HTML to PDF, Excel to PDF, Word to PDF, JPG to PDF, PNG to PDF? Those are just considered small tasks for PDFBear; therefore, stop stressing yourself because your problem will be solved today!

Besides converting documents, you can also arrange your papers by merging, adding page numbers, rotating, splitting, and deleting unnecessary pages from your document to make it more presentable.

The Procedure is Just a Piece of Cake

Let me show you how to delete pages from PDF; the procedure is just a piece of cake, Pal! Firstly, choose a file by hitting the Select a File button; if you’ve already prepared everything, you can directly drop the file you want to tweak by dragging it into the box. After that, choose or put the page you want to get rid of.

Click the Apply Changes after choosing the page you want to delete. After applying all the changes, you can now save it by clicking the Download button or share it to your Google Drive or Dropbox to save your device’s storage space.

It’s a Safe Tool

When choosing a tool, don’t just consider its capabilities; don’t forget to examine how your chosen tool managed their customers’ safety and privacy. In this sense, you are not just taking advantage of their features but also keeping yourself safe and secure.

The good news about PDFBear is your privacy matters for them. They will not allow your transactions to be leaked, so there’s nothing to worry about when using the tool. To prove it, the PDFBear automatically erases everything you’ve copied and pasted on their website.

Subscribing to a Premium Version Opens Fantastic Features

I know you already love this tool because of its incredible capabilities; it’s just that the price doesn’t want you to invest in it. But have you ever thought of the benefits you’ll receive once you go for it? If not, then think about it right now!

Becoming a member lies the fact that you’re way higher among the rest; you’ll be enjoying many benefits that are only given to those who have a premium account. You can do indefinite tasks, infinite numbers of OCR tasks, get rid of annoying advertisements, and unlimited storage space for your files.

Aside from that, you’re also capable of compressing your files in two ways once you become a Pro Member. You can try Medium Compression or Strong Compression depending on what you need. All the advantages are on your side; therefore, invest now and be their member!

PDF Bear is A Friendly Converter

You don’t have to stress yourself trying to find a tool that fits your device; having an Internet connection is enough to make it work. You can use any platform like Windows, Mac, or Linux when accessing the PDFBear.


Our long time problem is now resolved because we already found a lifetime partner that deals with tons of paperwork. Try changing your files now to complete everything you need; may it be organizing or converting, the PDF Bear will not leave your side without accomplishing anything. Drop your fear to start seeing it’s full potential, Pal!


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