The kestrel Talon offers you the flexibility to use it both as an amazing cruiser bike and a triathlon trainer. You essentially get two bikes rolled up into one and at a price below 1300$. So how does it hold up? How does it perform?

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We did the hard work for you and here is our review for the Kestrel Talon.

Two Bikes in One!

This is what makes Talon one of the best selling bikes from Kestrel. Most people buy this for training and competing in triathlons, however, it doubles as an amazing commuter. While it is on the expensive side for a commuter bike, the performance, design and comfort you get with the Talon is unmatched.

You can easily switch to match the triathlon bike standards. You can do this by adjusting the EMS Pro Seat post and the 750 Clip on Bend Extensions. It is also quite comfortable and you’ll appreciate the flexibility and the comfort for long distance riding.


The Kestrel Talon uses aerodynamic tubing to reach high speeds. If you buy this as a road bike you would love the ease with which you can reach high speeds.

The frame construction comprises of both 800K high modulus carbon fibre and 700K intermediate modulus carbon fibre. This enhances stability, increases stiffness and speed.

There are no issues with shifting as the Kestrel Talon uses the Shimona 105 front and rear derailleurs. These are state of the art gears which enhance performance and provide high speeds.

The Oval Concepts clincher wheels paired with the Vittoria Pro tires ensure that bike is stable on pavements and can reach high speeds.

Full Disclosure: We earn commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

It uses an advanced crankset, the Oval Concept 520 which is an alloy designed to work efficiently at high speeds. It is also quite durable and many buy professional riders buy this as an additional component while assembling their bikes.

Overall, the Kestrel Talon uses high end components which provide high end performance.


This bike offers a lifetime warranty. It contains some high end components which are quite durable individually. So as a package you can be rest assured that this bike will hold up for years.

Apart from the durability you want your bike to be stable, and it does a good job at that. We were quite satisfied with the stability it provided even at high speeds. Also the seat is quite comfortable and you can ride for hours.

If you are looking to buy this as a road bike, this can be an excellent option. For triathletes it is an affordable choice with some premium features and excellent aerodynamic performance.


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