If you’ve got the money to spend for it then nothing feels better than riding a Kestrel Legend.

An amazing piece of engineering when it comes road bikes. From comfort to performance, the Kestrel legend has everything you’ll ever need from your road bike.

The only reason it didn’t make our top road bike recommendation for 2015 was the price tag. Though it is one of the best bikes you can get, the price tag is something that isn’t affordable for most and if you’re one of them then Kestrel Talon which comes at a small price difference would be a better choice for you.

Key highlights:

  • Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Slick, 700 X 23c Tires
  • KMC X10 Chain
  • Tektro Dual Pivot Brakes
  • Kestrel Suede Bar Tape
  • Easy Assembly

The carbon frame offers an incredible weight-to-stiffness ratio and satisfactorily justifies the price tag for the bike.

To be honest, the frame is amazing and there’s no room for complaint with it but if you’re planning to use the bike for competing in professional races like ironman then you might want to upgrade the individual components to make it lighter.

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However, when you take it out for a ride you’ll notice that it handles very smoothly for a carbon frame and you’ll definitely feel a positive difference on hills if you’re used to riding on aluminium frame bikes.

All in all, it is a no-doubt a good bike but if you’re looking forward to spend more for your next road bike then Kestrel Talon is a better choice.


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