Cycle Your Way Through America With the Best Electric Bikes of 2021!

Back in the dawn of man, our forefathers didn’t have to worry about getting a gym subscription just to have adequate exercise. Their everyday attempts to survive are already a form of it in itself, like hunting, walking around to gather greens, berries, and other edible plants. Nowadays, people don’t survive by hunting and gathering anymore. We work to buy our needs. And in this digital age, we’re mostly sitting and staring at screens to get our work done. This lifestyle is way far from the lifestyle of our ancestors.

While we know that exercise is good for us, we have different reasons for not doing it. Sometimes we’re “too busy” or think our bodies are already in the best shape that doesn’t need any more work. But we know that we can always make time for the important things, and we can never stay in our youthful and tip-top shape forever. No matter what your age, gender, or socioeconomic status in this modern world is – you still need to exercise.

The best way to be as physically fit as our ancestors is to spend lots of time outdoors as much as we could. We can do so by traveling from one place to another through cycling! That’s right. You can ditch your Uber rides and cycle to your destinations instead. We know it’s quite a radical change, and we’ll help you understand why it’s worth it.

Cycling With an Electric Bike

Most of us are already familiar with the benefits that cycling can do. We know it’s good for our hearts, itt burns calories, helps aid in metabolism, and makes our bodies look more toned!

A healthy body also comes with a healthy mind. Experts say exercise releases your happy hormones, also called endorphins, which can help you better stabilize your moods. Cycling is often mentioned as an eco-friendly activity because it emits zero or no pollutants compared to fuel-powered cars that release tons of carbon dioxide per year. Not to mention that cycling can be so much fun too! Just pedaling and observing your surroundings can feel so refreshing. You will notice and appreciate things you’ve never encountered before. Need we say more? The more regularly you cycle, the more benefits you can observe on your body!

We know that becoming a cyclist in this beautiful country can sound daunting because everyone uses cars to go from one place to another. But if you look at the figures, there are almost 50 million cyclists in America right now. When you think about it, that’s more than 700 football stadiums full of people. The numbers are just increasing as people become more aware of cycling’s health and environmental benefits. It means it’s totally doable!

If you challenge yourself enough, you can even move from state to state and feel good about your progress. Imagine doing your health a favor as you move from Idaho to Oregon or from Kansas to Indiana! That’s some inner fulfillment that no other form of transportation can give you.

What are Electric Bikes?

Now that you know the promising wonders that cycling can do, it’s time for you to learn about the best tool you can use to make a fun and safe cycling experience possible – the use of electric bikes.

Electric bikes or e-bikes are relatively new and can commonly be a cause for misunderstanding. Some people think e-bikes are for lazy people who don’t want to exert energy and shed sweat when they bike, but that’s not true. Electric bikes are not motorbikes. You will still do most of the work here, and the motor is just there to aid you in maximizing your effort in every pedal. It can help you go faster to reach your destination without getting overly sweaty and exhausted. It’s like your trusted cycling buddy that will always have you back every time you travel.

Remember, your energies are essential and should always be put to good use, so you will need help to manage them. That’s where assisted biking through electric bikes comes in.

While an e-bike looks like a regular bike, there is a world of difference in benefits and experience in usage from a regular two-wheeled bicycle.

Regular bikes are best for quick errands or minimal cycling because they are light and simple to carry around. E-bikes, on the other hand, are different. They are heavier because of the weight of the motor and the battery attached to its body. While this may be too much for just a simple run to the grocery store or leisurely cycling around your neighborhood, you can use this to reach farther distances safely. And because you are riding a heavier frame and working with the help of extra power from lithium-powered batteries – you can brave rockier roads, steeper slopes, and stronger winds.

If you will use your electric bike as your main ride to work but are afraid you’d look like a mess once you reach your office – don’t worry because you can arrive there quicker without looking haggard and sweaty.

The Best Ride for You

Sure, regular bikes can also help you cycle your way through America. But e-bikes can also give you the same enjoyable health-related experience – but with the added boost to make you more unstoppable as you successfully accomplish every mile towards your destination.

To give you a glimpse of the most popular types of electric bikes these days, here’s a list and short description of each:

Electric Mountain Bikes – From the name itself, an electric mountain bike or eMTB is specifically designed for taking on challenging trails. You can conveniently go through muddy and rocky roads with an e-bike as most of this type has suspension forks that reduce the impact on wheels.

Electric Road Bikes: On the other hand, an electric road bike is best used on paved concrete roads. With skinny tires and a sturdy frame, an electric road bike will give a fast and smooth ride for its riders. Although a conventional road bike comes with drop-down handlebars, an electric road bike has flat handlebars.

Step-Thru Electric Bikes: Ideal for the ladies, a step-thru electric bike is suitable for smooth sailing around the city. This type of electric bike is accessible for short riders and women who wear dresses or skirts with its classic step-through frame design.

Folding Electric Bikes: If space is a problem for you, you might consider getting a folding electric bike. Not only does it save so much space, but it also has the same level of power and technology as the other regular-sized electric bikes. Most folding e-bikes are made with a lightweight frame for easy handling and transporting.

Electric Hunting Bikes: One of the most powerful types of electric bikes today is the electric hunting bike. If you’re an avid hunter, angler, or adventure seeker, this one is definitely your type. Electric hunting bikes have impressive electric motors, battery range, speed, and build. However, they also come at a high price, but they are indeed worth every penny.

America is the land of the free. What more freeing experience can it be than to go to places that you want around the country while doing your health and the environment a favor? It is an entirely different experience to feel the air on your face as you see the beautiful things you can never see when riding a car with tinted windows. You will never experience the other life-changing effects of getting an e-bike to cycle your way through America. You will thank yourself later for this excellent investment that can massively boost the quality of your life. So if you’ll get one anytime soon, check out this Ultimate Buying Guide For Electric Bikes.

By Trevor Fenner

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