What if you chipped your tooth the day before a family gathering or your first day on the job? Is it possible that your dentist will be able to correct the problem in a timely manner? Yes, as long as your dentist is equipped with the appropriate technologies.

Patients no longer need to schedule a few appointments in order to receive a dental crown. Thanks to CAD/CAM technology, dentists may now create a customized dental crown within a short amount of time. When you’re in a jam, Same-Day Crowns can be the answer to your problems.

Unfortunately, without the necessary technology, not every dentist will be able to execute the procedure. Check online to see whether they offer Same-Day Crowns using CAD/CAM technology. Then, call their clinic for more information on this restorative dental service.

Keep reading to discover the advantages of same-day dental crowns.

Same-Day Crown Benefits

Same-Day Crowns are a godsend for those who have an active lifestyle. It allows you to go to the dentist and have your smile completely fixed. The obvious advantage is that your teeth can be fixed and restored on the same day. Other advantages include:

Reduces Tooth Decay

Temporary crowns have a tendency to fall off, causing your teeth to decay further. This problem does not exist with same-day crowns.

Renews Tooth Function

Damaged teeth have an impact on the way you speak, the way you smile, and consume food. This is why it’s vital that your teeth are repaired as soon as possible! With same-day crowns, eating and communicating abilities are soon recovered. As a result, you won’t have to deal with a weak, ineffectual temporary crown. Same-day crowns may be the ideal solution for your situation, if you have a habit of biting down on either your teeth or jaws constantly. Porcelain as well as metal crowns that are attached to metal will benefit you the most.

Lowers the Risk of Injury

It’s critical to not get a temporary crown, if at all possible. This is owing to the fact that they easily detach from the teeth, and cause damage to them in addition to the gums surrounding the teeth. Furthermore, Same-Day crowns do not need lots of drilling and will preserve much of your teeth. During your search, be sure to consider a dentist with good reviews. This will help ensure you receive the maximum results you are looking for.

Comfortable to the Teeth

Dentists can construct a crown that fits correctly and is pleasant to wear using modern CAD/CAM technology. Digital molds are also utilized to guarantee the crown is very precise and that the entire procedure is as painless as possible. For a more realistic and attractive smile, porcelain crowns as well as veneers may be a good alternative for you.


Consultations and interim crowns are more pricey, even though a portion of the cost of interim crowns are frequently reimbursed by insurance. Same-day crowns will significantly reduce your dental visits and eliminate the necessity for interim crowns. Additionally, you will not need to take a sick day from work and will have more chances to make money.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Luckily, there are just two major issues with same-day crowns:

Certain Fractures are Undetectable

A conventional crown is a more convenient option, if you have a crack in your tooth that spreads underneath the gum line. Computer-assisted technologies may miss problems or harm beneath the gum line.

Not a Permanent Fix

A slab of porcelain is used to make same-day crowns. Ceramic, metal, porcelain, or a mixture of these materials is commonly used in traditional crowns. The finest materials for crown restoration are porcelain-attached-metal crowns and metal crowns, especially because metal clings nicely to the teeth. If cared for properly, they will last for many years compared to a traditional crown.


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