A passworded PDF file gives users a feeling of comfort and security. However, this is not the case with other users out there. For some, a passworded document gives them trouble and headache as they can’t easily access and open the files whenever they want. This is why numerous PDF users are searching for the right tools online that can help them unlock their documents.

To make everything easy for you, we would like to introduce PDF Bear. This is a perfect website where you can freely unlock your PDF documents. All of your inputs will be protected. Thus, you don’t have to get anxious about your security online when using the tool.

What Are Some Of The Featured Tools That Are Offered By The Site?

They are not just known for providing us with their unlock PDF tool. PDF Bear also offers advanced digital features such as PDF extract, merger, and converter tools, which are also regarded as top choices for any document-related concerns. If you are asking how to decrypt your PDF files using their useful tool, here are the steps.

Click “Choose Files”

To upload your documents to the website, simply click the “Choose Files” button. Uploading your files means that you have fully agreed to the website’s terms and conditions to work on your passworded files. The uploading process will be 100% secured, convenient, and fast.

Rest assured that your documents will be protected from viruses, malware, and any other possible internet risks. PDF Bear will make sure that all of your inputs are “for your eyes only.” There will be no external risks that can threaten your privacy.

Type The Password

The next procedure is to type the password you have created for your PDF files to allow the site to unlock them in the most convenient way possible. The best thing about the site is its ‘no restriction’ policy, which means whatever devices or systems you are using, you can fully access and use the tool for free.

Click “Unlock PDF”

To entirely remove the password on your PDF, click the “Unlock PDF” button and let the site work on the entire process without hassle on your behalf. The tool supports cloud-based technology. Thus, all necessary actions will be performed on their cloud, allowing you to access the site whenever and wherever you want.

Download Your Newly Decrypted PDF

When you are through with the three steps mentioned, you are free to download your newly decrypted PDF files on your device, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Your updated files can be used for whatever purposes you may have with a top-quality resolution. Your inputs to the website will be permanently deleted after you use the tool.

Can You Use The Site To Protect Your PDFs?

Locking your PDFs is an opposite case, and yes, you can encrypt your PDF files using this website. PDF Bear also offers a protection PDF tool where users can secure their PDFs from prying eyes by setting up a strong and unique password. Same with its unlocking tool, this tool also provides a well-instructed method that even your child can understand.

The tool will also recommend users an ideal password, including the number of characters to encrypt your PDFs fully. However, if you upload another format, you have to use its conversion tool first and convert it to PDF format. This will allow the site to lock your documents.


We all have our own reasons why we need to unlock our PDF documents. But, whatever it is, PDF Bear will provide the best service for your convenience. Unlock or lock your PDFs with them, and for sure, you will be gratified at how the features work. The website’s simple layout and procedures will give you more reasons why you should utilize the site on a daily basis. PDF Bear is one of your necessities to survive in this digital epoch.


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