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Minecraft, A game that was released back in 2009 for the PC. The game was in Alpha testing and was getting updated regular as users started giving feedbacks. Minecraft has a unique look; it reminds you of days when we used to see every pixel in a game. You start in a world and break through the things which you find to build your structures later on.

minecraft Pocket Edition

You break things to collect wood, metal, rocks and then build your building or structures. It’s up to you whatever you do in Minecraft. Some resources are difficult to find, but you have to keep exploring.

Seeing the popularity of the game, Mojang also decided to release a Minecraft APK for Android so gamers can enjoy the game anytime and anywhere. It was a PC game developed by Mojang with some fantastic style of its own. Now the game is available for Android.

By 2011 Minecraft surpassed around 1 million purchases, and at this point, there was no advertising except for word of mouth. The creator of the game started the project on its own, but later he created his private company called Mojang.

With the rise of popularity, the creator later decided to sell the company to Microsoft for a whopping 2.5 billion dollars in 2014. In 2014, the Minecraft was one of the best selling video games online with over 60 million games sold, and Minecraft gained over 100 Million users.

On Android Alone it has over 10 Million downloads which are a significant number considering it is a paid app. later it also expanded to Consoles like XBOX and Playstation to become one of the most played games of all times. It also grew to Youtube and Twitch where creators started making gameplays, tricks, and live streaming for Minecraft while other people watch them.

Do you know? There is also an Annual convention called Minecon which held in London with about 10,000 visitors and is one of the largest conferences held for a single video game. Enough talk about Minecraft now let’s get straight to the thing for which you came here. The Minecraft Pocket Edition APK.

Features of Minecraft – Pocket Edition APK

Minecraft is a favorite game and has its kind of features. The Pocket Edition is made to replicate the same PC and Console experience on your Android Device.

So here are some of the most popular features you want to check out before actually trying out the game and Yes! There are a ton of other functions as well which we cant list here, but you have to find out by trying the game yourself!! So go for it.

The portable Android version of Minecraft is very much similar to the PC version. In this game, the player has to build its environment by using the building blocks and its creativity. The gamer can create anything of his choice, so it’s more like an experience rather than a game.

It can be a home, kingdom or a complete city. The gamer used to faces some unusual difficulties while building its world. And these difficulties can be solved by some tweaks which can be learned at the course of your game.

There are multiple modes you can play in this game.

Survival Mode – In the Survival mode you have a life bar, and you have to find resources and build and also look out for enemies such as zombies or creepers. Creepers are a new and unique addition to the game. It is also known as a beast mode where you have to face many many enemies and keep on surviving.

Creative Mode – Creative mode is something which a majority of players play. This gives you access to all the resources in the game, and you can build your structures. You can use your creativity to create great structures without any restrictions.

You can navigate the map by flying so you can build all buildings like a house and tower. One of the favorite reasons why this is very popular is: People try to create a recreation of some of the popularly known structures and real-life landmarks. Like the leaning tower of Pisa, The White House or a fictional Castle.

Adventure Mode – In this mode, you can build or experience adventures that are build by other Minecraft gamers. In this mode, you can share your fun adventure with your friends or family or play the maps that others have created.

Spectator Mode – Lastly you have the spectator mode where you can visit the map and experience it. In simple words, you are not interacting with their world at all and only spectating them. This is the best mode when you want to see the unique creation by other players.

Suppose you found out a great map and want to try it out, so you visit it with spectator mode and check it out yourself and then later try it out on Adventure mode.

Marketplace – In the MarketPlace, you can Discover the latest community creations. You can Get unique maps, skins, and texture packs from your favorite creators.

Slash commands – Tweak how the game plays: you can give items away, summon mobs, change the time of day, and more.

Add-Ons – Customize your experience even further with free Add-Ons! If you’re more tech-inclined, you can modify data-driven behaviors in the game to create new resource packs.

Multiplayer Realms – Play with up to 10 friends cross-platform, anytime, anywhere on Realms, your private server that we host for you. Try a free 30-day trial in-app

Servers – Join free massive multiplayer servers and play with thousands of others! Discover gigantic community-run worlds, compete in unique mini-games and socialize in lobbies full of new friends.

About Minecraft – Pocket Edition

Updated 2019-03-21
Requires Android 4.2 and up
File Size 89 MB
Current version
Developer Mojang
Category Action, Adventure
Get it on Google Play
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Why Download Minecraft on Android?

Minecraft is a game that is out for quite some time, but it was available on PCs and Consoles like XBOX. What if you don’t own one? Not everyone owns a PC or a Gaming Console Or want something portable.

You can’t sit on your computer every time you want to play Minecraft, and since a lot of game has been moving to a portable side, Mojang also decided to do the same for Minecraft to provide the user a more portable gameplay experience. You can play it on your phone anywhere and anytime.

In case you are going to a friend’s or relatives house then you can also enjoy multiplayer gaming with your friends and family on a cellular, Wi-Fi or a LAN network.

  • You can play the game on your Android Device with the on-screen joystick. You can also connect any external joystick and get the same console-like experience on your Smartphone.
  • Gamers can play the game with Multiple users with an internet connection or hotspot.
  • The building and breaking of blocks are elementary.
  • You can use your left thumb as a joystick and right thumb as a mouse which is very convenient.
  • The game is not hard on your resource, and you can play it even on your older Android device with ease.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition APK Change-log

What’s new in version 1.10.0?

New Items

  • Added Crossbow as a new weapon
  • Added Shield
  • Added Loom
  • Added Banner Patterns (Creeper Charge, Skull Charge, Flower Charge, Thing, Field Masoned, Bordure Indented)
  • Added Lantern, Lectern
  • Added Oak Wood with Bark, Spruce Wood with Bark, Birch Wood with Bark, Jungle Wood with Bark, Acacia Wood with Bark, and Dark Oak Wood with Bark
  • Added Stripped Oak Wood, Stripped Spruce Wood, Stripped Birch Wood, Stripped Jungle Wood, Stripped Acacia Wood, and Stripped Dark Oak Wood
  • Added new spawn egg: Pillager Spawn Egg
  • New Mobs

  • Added Pillager
  • New Enchantments

  • Added Multishot, Piercing, Quick Charge


Jellie! The winner of the community cat contest and a new cat color

Please note that there is a bug that currently affects HD texture packs on mobile devices. Using these texture packs may cause your game to crash. Until this bug is fixed, we advise you not to use HD texture packs on mobile devices

What’s new in version 1.9.0?

New Items

  • Added Smooth Stone, Cut Sandstone, Cut Red Sandstone
  • Added more walls: Granite Wall, Diorite Wall, Andesite Wall, Sandstone Wall, Red Sandstone Wall, Stone Brick Wall, Mossy Stone Brick Wall, Brick Wall, Nether Brick Wall, Red Nether Brick Wall, End Stone Brick Wall, and Prismarine Wall.
  • Added more stairs: Stone Stairs, Mossy Cobblestone Stairs, Mossy Stone Brick Stairs, Smooth Sandstone Stairs, Smooth Red Sandstone Stairs, Granite Stairs, Polished Granite Stairs, Diorite Stairs, Polished Diorite Stairs, Andesite Stairs, Polished Andesite Stairs, Red Nether Brick Stairs, End Stone Brick Stairs, and Smooth Quartz Stairs.
  • Added more slabs: Smooth Stone Slab, Mossy Cobblestone Slab, Mossy Stone Brick Slab, Cut Sandstone Slab, Smooth Sandstone Slab, Cut Red Sandstone Slab, Smooth Red Sandstone Slab, Granite Slab, Polished Granite Slab, Diorite Slab, Polished Diorite Slab, Andesite Slab, Polished Andesite Slab, Red Nether Brick Slab, End Stone Brick Slab, Smooth Quartz Slab, Added Spruce Sign, Birch Sign, Acacia Sign, Jungle Sign, and Dark Oak Sign
  • Added Cornflower and Lily of the Valley
  • Changes

    Added a button to the pause menu to make it easier to share and upvote ideas on what you’d like to see in the game, report bugs, or get help

    For Realm owners, added the ability to play worlds with features from the Education Edition toggle, If you’ve stopped playing on a Realm, you can now delete expired Realms from your worlds list With the introduction of unique signs for each type of wood, the look of Sign is now used by Oak Sign

    Download Latest Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK

    Minecraft Pocket Edition is a paid game on Android which means you have to spare some money to install it on your phone but, there’s another way around. You can sideload the Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk on your phone and enjoy the same experience.

    You can download the Minecraft Pocket Edition APK completely free but let me tell you, finding the correct APK can be a difficult task since a lot of websites will try to provide you the older version, or they might download some other unrelated files like viruses on your phone secretly, and at the end they will affect your device performance. These websites claim to give you the working link of Minecraft APK, but a majority of them doesn’t seem to work.

    If you came here, then you don’t need to worry. You don’t need to visit from websites to websites and download every file to find the working APK.

    To help you easily download and enjoy the Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK, we have personally tested the links and APK. The APK given here is completely working will provide you with guaranteed access to Minecraft – Pocket Edition.

    You can download the latest version from the link below:


    Prerequisites for Installing Minecraft Pocket Edition

    There are certain requirements your Android phone must fulfill to install and play the Minecraft pocket edition. If you meet all the requirements listed below, then you can proceed to download and Install the Minecraft pocket edition on your Android device.

    Internet Connection – The very first thing you need to have is a working Internet connection. If you want to play the single-player mode, then you are welcome to skip this and play it offline, but in case you want to play the multiplayer mode then you must need a Wi-Fi or a Cellular Data connection otherwise the game won’t work.

    Android Version – As per the official Google Play Description, you need an Android device running at least Android Jellybean (4.2) or above to play the game.

    In case you have a lower Android version like IceCream Sandwich (4.0) or Gingerbread (3.5) then the game might not work or work improperly.

    Storage Space Available – The minimum space you should keep before installing the Minecraft APK is around 200mb otherwise the game won’t install correctly, and the installation process will abort.

    If you have lesser space available, then try deleting some useless files or Apps and make at least 200mb free for the Minecraft Pocket Edition installation.

    UnRooted Device – If you have an Android device is rooted then the Minecraft Pocket Edition will not work correctly. The Apps detects if your phone is rooted and prevent you from playing Minecraft so make sure your device is unrooted or you can unroot it if you want to play Minecraft Pocket Edition on Your Android Device.

    How to install Minecraft Pocket Edition

    The next thing you would like to do after downloading the game is to install it and start enjoying it. Installing Minecraft Pocket Edition APK on your Android device is a straightforward process, it is just like installing any other Android App but sideloading certain Apps requires one additional step if you are running an older Android version.

    Just follow the below steps to install the Minecraft Pocket Edition APK perfectly on your phone. The process is straightforward and requires only 4 to 5 step. So let’s get into it.If you are running Android Nougat (6.0) or Below’s

    • head over to your Phone Settings
    • Go into Security Settings
    • Look for an option says “Unknown Sources.”
    • Now you have to Turn on Unknown Sources option by clicking on the Switch right next to it.

    This is an important step that you need to enable before installing any App from a different source than Google Play Store. I suggest you to keep then setting always enable so you don’t need to visit here every time and enable the setting again.

    You don’t need to follow the above steps if you are running Android Nougat (7.0) or Above just skip to the next step for the Installation Process.

    • Go to the Download location where you have downloaded the latest Minecraft APK.
    • Once you find the file just click on it and hit the Install button.
    • The installation process will automatically start and will take a couple of minutes depending upon your phone.
    • Once the Installation process is complete, you can open the game on your Android device.
    • To open the game just look for the Minecraft icon on your app drawer or home screen.
    • That’s it. Now you can start playing the Minecraft Pocket Edition on your Android Device.

    Last Words:

    Minecraft is a popular game among PC and Console and the Pocket Edition was made to provide you a similar gameplay experience on your Android device.

    Since the one on the Google Play Store is a paid app and a lot of you can’t afford to pay for it, we decided to provide you the working APK of the same which was freely available on the Internet.

    So this was a quick guide made with a lot of research and testing on Minecraft Pocket Edition APK and we hope this was helpful for you.

    Note: – We do not own this APK nor we claim to own it. The APK listed here is freely available on the internet.

    You can now enjoy playing Minecraft on your phone without any issue. Just in case if you face any problem regarding the Minecraft APK and its installation then don’t hesitate to let us the error in the comments or you can simply Contact Us Directly through Mail.

    We will definitely try our best to help you out with the issue so you can enjoy playing your favorite Minecraft on your smartphone.

    Thank You for reading this guide for installing Minecraft APK on your Phone. I hope you saved some of your precious time and effort. Do share this article with your friends and let them know about this.