A dish is basically a combination of an antenna and a low noise amplifier (LNA). The answer to the question that can the same satellite dish be used for TV and the internet depends on the condition – your service provider for both the services is the same. If the place you are getting these services from is one there are chances of getting internet and TV from the same antenna.

Every satellite works on different frequency bands thus antennas and amplifiers are set to work with any selected frequency band. An amplifier is attached to the receiver box through a coaxial cable – which gives amplifier power to work. Well, the receiver box needs to be through the same manufacturer. So, you have to do your homework before putting your plan into action but before that do your proper research – educate yourself.

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An internet dish can be somehow used for TV. Although a user might have to face some problems regarding Frequency bands. While a TV dish can only receive and cannot transmit, thus, cannot be used for the internet. TV and internet satellites use a direct line of sight to send and reflect the information. Not similar to ground-based broadcasting which uses a near line of sight.

Can the same satellite dish be used for the internet and TV?

Well, a dish can be customized and modified to be able to receive signals from the internet or TV. All you need to have a receiving device and a device that can translate the received information (Internet or TV). The size of the dish has to be considered as well. The dishes for the internet are generally larger due to beam width being smaller. A larger size of the dish is required to cover the loss due to the movement of the dish because of wind or rain.  Whereas dishes for broadcast are comparatively smaller.

Another factor that also has its role is the shape of the dish. Mostly, the concave-shaped dish is required so that the signals can be caught and sent to the Inb or trial.

To elaborate, even more, let me remind you of the dead Star which used to gather energy through a concave and then would shoot it in the form of a beam. The dish’s concave catches signals and then sends it at shooting speed to its eyes in the same way.

Moreover, when it comes to the TV, the dish needs to be facing the exact satellite in geosynchronous orbit. It needs to be in a fixed position. As the slightest movement can cause the loss of signals. While, for the internet satellite the different geosynchronous orbits are required – which means the dish’s face has to be in a different direction.

The bottom line is:

A satellite transmits dish signals can also be utilized for TV. But the problem is only one service can be enjoyed at one time. TV and the internet are usually on different satellites therefore a customized dish can be required. If we have to conclude this topic whether we can use the same satellite dish for the internet and TV both or not? The crux of the story would be that one cannot use a single dish for both services at one time. Because the internet and TV orbitals are present in different places altogether. Furthermore, the data is received through the ground for the internet satellite. A TV satellite doesn’t need something like this to function. We hope this read was helpful if you have learned something or have something to share, do share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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