We cannot neglect the importance of physical activity for health and normal weight. However, if you look at reality in the eye, then in practice it turns out that the gym is full of empty seats, and it’s easy to break into group training.

In that case, where are the other people training, or are they not training at all? And at this stage, an interesting thing is found out: most people ignore training not because of huge laziness or lack of motivation for sports, but because of the banal lack of free time or a mismatch of the work schedule and the workout schedule in the nearest fitness center. Moreover, some people just need to spend time at home as a gym recovery period.

What solution can be ideal in this situation? That’s right: the ideal solution to the problem is to start working out at home.

And for classes to be effective and efficient, it’s worth buying some sports equipment for home training.

We have compiled a list of the most popular and productive fitness tools for the home:


Dumbbells – perhaps the most versatile and most common fitness equipment for home workouts.

Dumbbells are not expensive. You can choose dumbbells of any color and the desired weight, and there are also dumbbells with weight gain – they are universal since their weight can be changed.

For beginners in fitness, we recommend buying dumbbells weighing 1-1.5 kg – this will protect you from muscle overtraining and sports injuries.


– With the help of a dumbbell, you can pump all the muscles of the body;

– You can choose dumbbells that are convenient in shape for you;

– Dumbbells are used both for strength training and for weighting aerobic loads;

– Dumbbells are very convenient to store, and they almost do not take up space.


– Incorrect weight of dumbbells can lead to muscle strain;

– Dumbbells will have to be changed from time to time, as the muscles will develop, and the weight will need to be increased.


For men, in-home training, a bar with collapsible weights will perfectly help. You can buy a bar with a smallholder, and then it will be much easier and more compact to store it disassembled.


– The barbell pumps all kinds of muscles and is a universal sports equipment;

– The weight of the bar can be adjusted by the number of pancakes;

– The barbell can replace dumbbells and some home fitness equipment.


– The bar costs more than dumbbells;

– Disproportionate weight can lead to muscle strain.


Fitness and yoga lovers can’t do without a gym mat at home. It is more convenient and pleasant to do on it than on the floor or carpet. On the rug, it is impossible to damage the skin during an intense workout, which cannot be said about an ordinary carpet or carpet.

The mat softens the touchdowns while pumping the press and other similar exercises to move the body or head.


– The mat softens the blows of the feet on the floor when jumping, reduces the load on the joints;

– It is more comfortable to train on the mat than on the floor;

– The rug is inexpensive;

– The rug is easy to store at home in a twisted form.


– The quality of some rugs is poor;

– With frequent practice, thin gymnastic mats wear out quickly.


If your task is to lose weight as quickly as possible, then the step platform will help to achieve the desired goal. The step platform provides excellent opportunities for interval aerobic training and cardio workouts. With it, you can do step aerobics without leaving your home.


– The step platform can be used not only for its intended purpose but also for push-ups, swinging the press (as a holder for legs at a height) and other exercises;

– The step platform takes up little space;

– The cost of the step platform is available to most athletes.


– The step platform weighs quite a lot, and it’s hard to carry;

– The step platform can be replaced by a low metal stool (children’s stool).


In recent years, fitball has gained great popularity. It is inexpensive, and it is sold in almost all sports stores, you can pick up a ball of the required diameter and any design.

There are children’s fitballs that are useful in family training. For the convenience of training, you can choose a fitball with handles that will help to maintain balance on the ball better and not fall from it.


– In a deflated form fitball takes up very little space

– Fitball will be indispensable in a calm and safe fitness, as it allows even people to train in the process of rehabilitation after sports injuries;

– Fitball is safe when training people with problematic joints of the lower extremities since it almost does not create a load on this part of the body (subject to occupations, sitting on the fitball.

– Fitball training is shown to older people and pregnant women;

– Fitball trains flexibility, coordination of movements and helps to acquire a beautiful posture.


– When inflated, the fitball takes up a lot of space (especially large diameters), it is difficult to fix it in one state;

– With the incorrect distribution of body weight from the fitball, it is easy to fall during training;

– Moderate training on fitball will help build muscle, develop flexibility, but will hardly affect fat burning.


A hoop has been a universal means of home training for more than a dozen years. Previously, it was believed that with the help of regular torsion of a hoop, you could lose weight perfectly and get a wasp waist. However, the practice has shown that this is not so.

In the shops you can find a huge variety of hoops: plastic, metal or rubber, with or without weighting, with special balls and plates for additional massage of the body and problem areas, any color and diameter.


– The hoop helps to pump up the oblique muscles of the abdomen, strengthen the muscles of the back and abs;

– The hoop is easy to store, for example, under the bed or behind the cabinet;

– There is a cheap hoop.


– If the hoop is very heavy, then it can leave bruises on the body;

– The wrong choice of hoop diameter will make training more difficult and will be inconvenient to use;

– The hoop does not help remove fat from the waist;

– The hoop still needs to learn to twist.


Now your home workouts will definitely not be boring and ineffective. Choose fitness tools to your taste and preference. I wish you success in-home training!

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My name is Paul Miller - fitness freak by choice. I intensively study and write about nutrition and health related topics. After reading and researching intensively on human health, I aspire to proliferate the wisdom that I acquired in a simple way.

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