Since Christmas eve is fast approaching, people are now making lists of the presents they can buy for their special someone. Perhaps, it can be a trendy dress, a box of chocolates, a romantic pair of necklace, or even the newest launched smartphone. But, the perfect gift you can give to someone is today’s hottest collection of luxury watches.

Speaking of hottest, the iconic timepieces under Chopard Imperiale will surely please your eyes and capture your special someone’s heart. Make their Christmas holiday more special with these chic and stylish watch accessories under the brand.

Imperiale Quartz Green Dial Unisex Watch

This particular watch under Chopard Imperiale features a date segment. Its rose gold round-shaped case has a diameter of 36 mm. You will also be astounded by its dial, which is made of green with Roman numerals. Its green alligator band adds to the whole aesthetics of the watch.

Chopard 388563-3006

Add this to your cart and check it out later if you are currently looking for the chicest and elegant timepiece nowadays that you give to your girlfriend as your Christmas present. This classic luxury features a self-winding automatic movement.

A glossy mother of pearl base enhances its round-shaped silver dial. The stainless steel bracelet gives your wrist a classic vibe. The watch is perfect for casual occasions with a water-resistance of up to 50 meters.

Imperiale Automatic Silver Dial

This Chopard watch will surely charm you with its all-grey stainless steel case and dial. Nothing gives a more remarkable impression than the shades of silvery gray. The watch perfectly combines technical sophistication with modern-themed designs, making it worth investing in this Christmas season. Its rose gold case and brown leather alligator band perfectly symbolize beauty.

Imperiale 29mm Automatic Silver Dial Diamonds

This will be the perfect Christmas holiday gift for your girlfriend. It will surely mesmerize her with the luxury’s beauty and sophistication. The stunning play of materials creates a contemporary touch to its classical geometry. The diamonds and amethysts beautifully make a bold distinction.

Its round 18k rose gold and stainless steel case with a 29 mm diameter and silver dial with black finishes give the timepiece a unique and stylish look, which is perfect for casual events. The caliber of the watch is mechanical and self-winding, and the reserve is also promising. A delicate pin buckle can be added to the leather strap.

Chopard 384319-5010

This is one of the signatures of Chopard that represents the brand’s intricate attention to the details. Masterfully designed into an impeccable blend of steel and diamonds, the iridescent wristwatch is a tribute to today’s modern empresses. The watch is also infamous for its comfortable leather band that completes the whole aesthetics.

Chopard 384319-5008

This 384319-5008 model under Chopard highlights its classy appeal that will indeed become your girl’s newest favorite. It has a glamorous and stunning look and is very sophisticated for the use of ladies. This timeless luxury is combined with impeccable elegance with its silver dial and pink gold-tone numerals.

You will surely love its 18 carats rose gold that adds to the elegance of the timepiece. For the users’ comfort, Chopard features a rose-gold round stainless steel case that will give you more reasons to purchase this timeless luxury.

Chopard 388563-3005

One of today’s eye-catching wrist watches that will completely transform your whole wardrobe. The entire dial is soft and offers a sophisticated appearance compared to its round stainless steel dial case. The dial case is approximately 29 mm thick. It also has Roman numeral markers. It has a lightweight black leather bracelet; it has a conventional buckle fastening that makes it a lot easier to wear.

Imperiale – 29mm Automatic

If your girlfriend loves gorgeous fashion, this specific watch under the Chopard series should lead your list. It features a crocodile leather strap that is distinguished by a delicate hue of gold and a timeless style that is eye-catching. The dial has a pristine white shade and a water resistance of about 150 feet, ideal for underwater activities and other outdoor exercises.


If you have some trouble choosing the perfect present for your special someone this Christmas, check out these best luxury watches from the Chopard series. Each of them promises a stunning appearance and excellent functions. They can be the perfect gift for your long-time girlfriend who loves elegant and chic fashion. You can also include some dress, sandals, necklace, or earrings in your gift box to wish your girl a merry Christmas eve.



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