If you want to push yourself and test your limits at the gym, it is essential that you have enough endurance to do so. Many gym-goers think that a large lung capacity is all you need for this, however, although this is not a bad thing, it is not considered to be a major determinant of someone’s performance.

When it comes to endurance, the heart is the main organ to focus on. A bigger, stronger heart will be more efficient and will provide the muscles with more blood, which will improve the way they function. To build up endurance, a balance must be maintained – recovery should be limited, and the intensity of your sessions should be increased. Today, we will be taking a look at 6 mistakes that could be affecting your endurance at the gym.

Following an Incorrect Workout

When starting a new hobby, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement, and the targets you set yourself may be too high in return. It is best to be honest with yourself in order to boost your endurance. If your targets are achievable, you will be more motivated to stick to the workout or routine, because you will be able to see the results from the effort you put in.

Taking Long Recovery Breaks

Limiting your recovery time to 30-90 seconds between sets will help to build muscle endurance. It is best to reduce resistance and increase repetitions, then rest for 30 seconds or less between each exercise to optimize and build up stamina. Warming up your muscles before a workout and cooling down after is essential to reduce muscle injury, which will allow you to push yourself further.

Focusing on One Muscle Group

A full-body workout is key to boosting your metabolism, increasing the strength of your muscles, and improving a person’s stamina. If you focus on one muscle group at the gym, then you will be more prone to injury and it will affect your endurance. Finding the right balance and working every muscle group will definitely improve your long-term performance.

Overlooking a Cardio Routine

As mentioned previously, a strong heart is the first step to increasing your stamina at the gym. When cardio workouts are overlooked, the heart won’t be getting the right amount of training, which means you are unlikely to see any improvement when it comes to endurance. Cardio is also highly effective at removing the layers of fat that could be inhibiting muscle definition.

Failure to Maintain Balance

Pushing yourself during a workout and cutting your recovery time is a great step towards improving your endurance, but you need to make sure you rest and recover. If you train too hard, then the intensity you put in is most likely to decrease. Taking it easy for a day or indulging in light exercise can do wonders if you feel like your input and effort is decreasing.

Avoiding Legal Performance Enhancers

There are a number of legal products that exist to improve your overall performance in the gym, which will make it easier to build stamina, such as protein supplements and testosterone injections. It is very easy to access testosterone products online if you have a TRT prescription. With a prescription, you can get your testosterone injections shipped straight to your door when you use companies like EliteHRT.

Now that you know the mistakes you are making, from today, you can truly focus on working on your endurance. This will improve your overall performance at the gym and will allow you to see the results you want. If you are unsure about your workout routine or the products you should be using, it is best to speak to your doctor or a registered sport professional.



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