Keiser M3 plus is state of the art, award winning indoor cycle which has been loved and appreciated by top fitness websites and magazines. We at BodyGearGuide decided to give it a try and determine whether or not, it’s worth the high price and love.

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It isn’t too big and works fine as an indoor cycle. Its weight is on the higher side but with transport wheels at the bottom it isn’t too hard to move. You might have noticed that the flywheel weight is way less than usual and that has benefit of its own about which we talk later in the review.

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Height – 44.5 inches

Width – 25.75 inches

Length – 48.25 inches

Weight – 85 pounds or 38.5 Kgs

Flywheel Weight – 8 Pounds

Magnetic Resistance

If you are into the world of fitness this is not the first time you would have heard about this technology. But when we are talking about indoor cycles, it is a rarity. Keiser M3 Plus not only has magnetic resistance, their engineers seem to have perfected it.

To get a bit technical, magnetic resistance is basically caused by eddy currents. This is done when two opposing magnets are placed around the flywheel. The two magnets create a field and when the flywheel turns eddy currents are created. The flywheel is connected with the pedals, and as the rider pushes the pedals harder, the resistance increases as the proximity of the magnets increase with that of the flywheel.

However, the flywheel never touches the magnets so there is no wear and tear. Also this results in noiseless operation. The LCD screen shows the gear which basically signifies the resistance, so you can evaluate the level at which you are pushing yourself. This is a great touch that helps you to train better.

Finally the flywheel weighs at 8 pounds, which is quite low since many other bikes have 30 pound flywheel. The higher weight of flywheel increases the inertia and is also prone to wear and tear.


The Keiser M3 Plus can be used by literally anybody. And this is because it can be adjusted in a lot of ways. Firstly you can change the length of the handle bars. So if you are a taller, you can push the handle bar a bit forward.

Next, you can move the seat in all directions. If you are looking to train hard you should keep your seat at its highest level. With all this you can adjust the bike to your comfort.

The Shimano Pedals also nicely fit your feet and are of premium quality.

The Keiser M3+ now has a backlit LCD display. So you can view this in both dark and bright environment. Talking about the display, it shows time, distance, calories, heart rate and power output.

Durability and Design

The Keiser M3 plus is undoubtedly visually appealing. We tried the grey variant and when we assembled (Which by the way is super easy) the cycle we were impressed with the looks.

The KeiserM3+ is sturdy and comes with an impressive 3 year warranty. This bike is a result of 10 years of hard work and it is built to last a lifetime. The bike doesn’t have any chain, which usually causes a lot of trouble. It can be noisy and greasy. The M3+ uses a belt which works perfectly fine.

A few things we weren’t really thrilled with..

TheKeiser M3 Plus in many ways is a perfect bike but it could have been better in one particular area, and that is the computer. This is a high end bike and Keiser could have added a few computer features. It could have had some inbuilt training guides, which would have worked as your training assistant. Also there is absolutely no way by which you can track your earlier sessions. Some indoor bikes offer that. These are all minor requirements, and few can argue that we are expecting “a bit too much”.

We don’t want to list price as an issue because you get what you pay for. You get top of the line features, top of the line comfort and top of the line durability, and for that the price you pay is justified.

Overall, we absolutely love this. TheKeiser M3+ screams premium. Anyone who is absolutely serious about fitness and loves to take care of their body, should get this one!


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