The Oxbridge Rower is a premium quality rowing machine from WaterRower which is probably the most reputed names in the in the rowing apparatus industry.

It is a perfect combination of looks and performance. Made from cherry wood and polished with Danish oil, it is a masterpiece and tends to attract lots of attention. The water resistance system it uses, allows the rower to simulate the motion of rowing a real boat.

It may seem costlier than other type of rowers but it offers some of the best features when compared to other counterparts in the market.

This WaterRower model is often found in high-end gyms and is commended by many fitness trainers and professional athletes because of its sturdy built and durability.

It can support the maximum user weight of 1000lbs and can easily accommodate the user of all sizes (tall, short, big and small).

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The WaterRower Oxbridge is crafted in Cherry wood which is one of the finest hardwoods. The color of Cherry wood differs from deep red to red-brown.

Cherry wood tends to get darker tone when exposed to too much light and thus it is advised to store it in a light free room or cover it when not in use.

That is why new Oxbridge rower has lighter shade when delivered to you and gradually it gets darker over the time until it finally turns into rich reddish in color.

Every machine is generously hand polished with three coats of Danish oil. This oil coating gives the machine a finishing shine and ensures its longevity.

Cherry wood is chosen to manufacture Oxbridge rowing machine because it possesses some amazing properties besides being solid and beautiful.

One of the amazing properties of Cherry wood is the ability to absorb the vibration and noise therefore making the rower very quiet and smooth while rowing.


  • Material: Cherry wood with Danish Oil Finish
  • Resistance type: Water Resistance System
  • Machine dimensions (in use): 82.25” x 22.25” x 20”
  • Machine dimensions (storage): 20” x 22.25” x 82.25”
  • Product weight without water: 66.5lbs or 30.5Kg
  • Product weight with water: 103.5lbs or 47Kg
  • Display console: Series 4 multifunctional performance monitor
  • User weight capacity: 1000 pounds
  • Seat: Padded


The WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine works on Water Resistance system which is considered as the most efficient type of resistance that allows the user to work out all the major muscle in the body, particularly concentrating on thighs, calves, back and arms.

This resistance system is known to provide the most realistic and natural rowing motion unlike other artificial resistance systems that uses air, magnet or piston to generate the resistance instead of water.

To produce the resistance this rowing machine uses the flywheel or paddle which is fitted inside the water tank. When the user pulls the handle, the flywheel inside the water tank spins which creates the resistance in a same way as real oars against water therefore giving feel of rowing real boat.

The resistance level is determined by the volume of water in the tank. More the water more will be the resistance. User can easily adjust the water level according to their capability.

Out of all types of rowers water is the most silent and smoothest type of resistance system.


This WaterRower model is equipped with S4 multifunctional performance monitor that tracks several fitness data such as stroke rate, workout intensity, distance, duration, heart rate and target fitness zone.

Each data is displayed instantaneously on separate windows of the monitor. The console features 9 buttons which helps the user to operate the performance monitor.

Series 4 monitor allows you to save and transfer the workout data to computer with the help of USB cable. This data can be used to analyze your fitness enhancement. You can also use this data to compare and compete with other WaterRower users from all over the world.

Easy and Comfortable

This rower is exceptionally comfortable and easy to use. The seat is well padded and carefully molded on the dual rail with four wheels to maintain the perfect balance and ensure the maximum comfort.

To enhance the rowing experience the handles are made light weight and ergonomically designed to provide firm grip and avoid any blisters or rashes during long workout session.

The footrest can easily hold almost any foot size and the nylon straps helps to hold your foot firmly to the footrest therefore allowing you to carry out your workout more efficiently.

Maintenance and Storage

It is fairly easy to maintain Oxbridge rowing machine. You don’t really need to do much to maintain it, just cleaning it once or twice a week would be enough.

It is made from Cherry wood which is a very sturdy and hard material that can easily withstand wear and tear for a very long time.

Although this rowing machine is quite big in size and takes decent amount of space while in use, it is very easy and convenient to store it.

The light wooden frame allows you to effortlessly stand it up to vacate lots of space. It is engineered in such a way that it can be stood up on the tank side as a base.

It is also fitted with dual caster wheels which makes it very easy and simple to push and move the rower


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