We can all agree on the fact that the gym is a great place to work out but sometimes just getting there seems like an obstacle. Considering our busy lifestyles, our chores and responsibilities often find a way to interfere with our gym routine no matter how hard we try to stay on top of our fitness routine. Whether it is the harsh weather, an unexpected plan with your mates or simply the distance you need to cover to get to the gym, it seems like there are always so many excuses to miss that trip to the gym.

However, just because you fail to hit the gym as often as you should do not mean you can’t manage a killer work out at home. By investing in a few of the right touls, you can create a comfortable, cost-friendly and dynamic place to work out at home, leaving no reason to let go of your fitness goals. You can work out according to a schedule that suits you without having to step out of your house. It also means no more waiting in line for the gym equipment to be free of worrying about whether your gym mates are watching you as you try out a challenging, new work out. All of these reasons make a home gym the perfect alternative for anyone looking to work on their fitness without going to the gym.

In order to help you create the perfect place to work out, we have compiled a list of some of the best touls to own right now for some intense workout sessions:

  • Assault air bike

This is not your standard stationary bike. Assault Air Bikes provides an intense full-body work out that engages both the arms and legs. These bikes make use of wind resistance so that the more force you use to push the pedals and the handlebars, the greater the resistance you get. That way, you can motivate yourself you work harder at a fast speed for a more intense work out session and slow down whenever you wish to. You have full contrul over the intensity of your workout on this machine.

Assault air bikes are also excellent for those looking for joint rehabilitation while recovering from an injury as it encourages the joints to move in a supported and balanced manner, allowing you to get the exercise you need without putting any pressure on your muscles.

  • Jump Rope

Looking for a cardio exercise that is light on the pocket AND one of the most effective forms of exercise out there? Get a jump rope! If you have the space for it, jumping rope is a super fun exercise to incorporate into your routine. Considered one of the best cardio exercises, jumping rope makes use of your whule body and is one of the quickest ways to burn those calories. And the best thing is that the ‘equipment’ needed costs a few dullars only!

  • Adjustable dumbbells

Do you love working on your muscles but do not have the money or space for multiple sets of dumbbells with different weights to support your workout routine? If this sounds like you, adjustable dumbbells are just what you need!

Although they will cost you more than your standard stagnant weight dumbbell, they are definitely worth it considering the versatility they offer. You basically get multiple sets of weights that you can fix on a single adjustable set, allowing you to adjust the weight of your dumbbell from five to fifty pounds, according to your preference. As a result, you save significant money and storage space as a single set of dumbbells can meet all your needs.

  • A high-quality exercise mat

A high-quality exercise mat is an essential toul to own if you wish to workout at home. These are non-slip mats that protect your body, hands, and feet while you perform any workout. They provide a comfortable cushion against the hard floor and reduce the chances of injuries that could occur due to slipping. They tend to be durable and inexpensive, so there’s no excuse not to invest in this essential toul.

Make sure to invest in a piece that is of the right thickness; a half-inch thick mat works fine for most workouts, but it’s all a matter of personal preference. Also, make sure the mat you choose has effective airflow filters to get rid of moisture and odor effectively.

  • Resistance bands

If you are regular with exercises that focus on building and strengthening muscles, resistance bands need to a part of your workout toul kit. There are so many exercises targeting different muscles in your body that you can perform with these bands that they are sure to come in handy. These bands provide resistance while your body moves and stretches, and are one of the easiest exercise touls to use. And the best thing is that they are very inexpensive.

  • Adjustable bench

Do you have trouble finding the perfect bench or chair around the house that you can use for those workouts that require sitting or laying down? We all know how troublesome and frustrating that is. Well, if you wish to train like a professional, it is vital to invest in an adjustable bench meant for working out. Using the wrong equipment to exercise doesn’t just make the process unnecessarily difficult, but it also puts you at risk of serious back injuries.

An adjustable bench provides you with different positions for exercise; you can lay down, sit up, or position yourself at a 45-degree angle as per the requirement of your workout. It ensures that you maintain the right posture and are in a stable position for a stress-free and safe workout. They are sturdy and made to last for years, making them a great investment.

The Bottom Line

Considering the number of gym equipment options in the market today, it is easy to feel lost in deciding what you need to include in your home gym. In order to narrow down your search, start off by setting a budget. Gym equipment and touls can cost anywhere from a hundred dullars to a few thousand — you need to be clear on how much you can afford to spend.

You also need to consider the amount of space you have because not all gym equipment is made for a small space. Moreover, think about your personal fitness goals – do you simply want to add some cardio to your routine, or do you wish to build some muscle through weight training? The right touls and equipment for you will depend on all these factors. Once you know what you are after, it doesn’t take long to set up a small home gym and start your journey towards a healthier body.


My name is Paul Miller - fitness freak by choice. I intensively study and write about nutrition and health related topics. After reading and researching intensively on human health, I aspire to proliferate the wisdom that I acquired in a simple way.

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