Having a perfect summer body is a distant dream for many women out there. Some of them lack proper guidance, while many others don’t consume the right food. The result is an open invitation to unwanted fats. Women with obese bodies don’t feel comfortable even in their most favorite dresses or swimwear. Therefore, it is always advisable to spend some time at a gym at least thrice a week.


In this article, we will discuss seven gym machines that can help women regain their lost glory.

Sweat it Out on a Treadmill

That is the most recommended exercise machine for women who want to get rid of those extra pounds. Fitness experts believe that a treadmill helps expedite your journey to a lean and smart body. It not only gives your body a great shape but also improves your fitness and endurance levels.

You should always set the incline and pace correct during a workout session on a treadmill. It allows you to target stubborn fats and particular muscles in hips, legs, and glutes, which means you get a perfect shape in less time. You can maintain a good body by spending around three to five hours a week on a treadmill, depending mainly on your fitness goals.

Use Snow Skiing to Expedite Fitness Goals 

Snow skiing is a tough sport. You need a flexible and healthy body to play it correctly. Many people can’t wait for the winter times every year to get involved in snow skiing. It would help if you kept focus and balance to get the best out of this sport. That is why many people spend a decent bit of time in pre-conditioning sessions, which let them attain endurance and core strength in the body.

However, it isn’t as fun as it sounds. To keep a ski-ready body, you need to practice the art as soon as the season starts. That is where you can invest time in the best ski conditioning workouts to get you ready for the whole season. An injury-free season will always make you enjoy it to the fullest. Apart from the sport, it is also a great way to say goodbye to unwanted fats. Eating habits don’t remain the same throughout the year. Skiing is the perfect sport for such women looking for ways to get rid of extra pounds quickly.

Smith Machine Lets You Skip Free Weights

Many women don’t like to lift barbells or free weights. For such individuals, Smith Machine comes out as the perfect solution. It consists of a fixed vertical bar within steel rails. You can either use only the bar or attach more weight for great workout sessions. This way, you can perform many exercises, like deadlifts, squats, and shoulder presses.

Another positive aspect of this machine is that it is quite user-friendly, especially to rookie fitness enthusiasts. So now, you don’t need a fitness trainer helping you out in every exercise. This machine puts you in the right position so you can independently complete your session with amazing results.

Get a Total Body Workout with Water Rower

If you have a particular liking for watersports, you can get the best out of a water rower. Many people love to be around water, and now you can carry out exercises while enjoying Waterland. Experts say that water rower lets you focus on a total body workout, which means you can get rid of excessive fats from everywhere.

It is easy to use as you can place your feet in footrests and grab a handle. You move up and back, thereby generating a rowing motion. When the lower body is in push mode, the upper body gets to pulling motion. That is why this machine is a great way to help women with postural issues.

Target Your Glutes with Glute Machine

If you are looking to focus more on glutes, the glute machine is your ultimate solution. You can utilize this machine to stand and lift weight backward with feet. You can pick and choose how much weight you want to lift with one foot. This product bodes perfectly well for women who work desk jobs. Reps of around 12-20 with lighter weights are decent enough workout with Glute Machine.

Work Your Lower Body Out with Hack Squat

Most of the women want to tone down their lower bodies. That is where the Hack Squat machine can do an excellent job for them. You can place your back against the back pad of Hack Squat and fix your shoulders under the shoulder pads. It would help if you also put your feet on its platform. Now you can choose different weights on the shoulder bar and lift them.

Pedal Your Way to Fitness with Stationary Bike

The stationary bike is quite popular among the women who target better fitness levels. You can burn a considerable number of calories and get a better-looking body by sweating it out on a stationary bike. The great thing about this machine is that it is not hard on joints while it is also a fantastic cardio workout. You may start with 30-second bursts and gradually increase the intensity.


Gaining a perfect summer body is no more a distant dream for any woman out there. You have a multitude of workout machines that can help you regain your beautiful body. All you need is the right amount of exercise and a consistent regime, and you will be on your way to an attractive body and better health.


My name is Paul Miller - fitness freak by choice. I intensively study and write about nutrition and health related topics. After reading and researching intensively on human health, I aspire to proliferate the wisdom that I acquired in a simple way.

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