Traditional cosmetic operations can be highly effective, but many patients want to subtly enhance their beauty with non-invasive treatments. There are now hundreds of minimally invasive or completely non-invasive procedures that are being carried out millions of times a year, and they have helped countless patients restore their confidence and achieve their cosmetic goals. A non-surgical treatment might be exactly what you need to boost your confidence by amplifying your natural beauty. Here is a quick look at some of the most popular non-invasive treatments that have transformed the cosmetic market and benefited millions of patients.

Body Contouring

Over the last few decades, researchers have discovered a wide variety of techniques and technologies that can be used to eradicate fat cells. At Hochstein Medspa, CoolSculpting continues to be one of the most effective body contouring procedures, and that treatment could help you eradicate any stubborn fat that you have been struggling with. During the CoolSculpting procedure, a team member is going to wrap a small device around the treatment site while you relax in a comfortable chair. That device will bring the soft tissue down to a very cold temperature in a matter of moments, and that is going to kill off the fat cells. Following the first round of CoolSculpting appointments, your midsection could shrink by multiple inches.


Injectables have exploded in popularity over the last few years, and those products can help you address a wide array of imperfections. There are many different types of injectables currently on the market, but those who want to quickly and effectively eradicate age-related blemishes might want to take a closer look at Juvederm products. That particular line of injectable fillers will accentuate your natural beauty by minimizing or completely erasing fine lines and wrinkles. As you grow older, your body will naturally metabolize some of the soft tissue throughout your face, and that can result in a sunken or aged appearance. Juvederm will immediately add volume to your face and trigger the production of key proteins and growth factors.

Teeth Whitening

No matter what steps you take to keep your teeth white, you will most likely notice some staining and discoloration over the years. Minor discoloration generally isn’t a dangerous problem, but it can have a big impact on an individual’s appearance and confidence. Professional teeth whitening is the safest and most effective way to get rid of the debris on the outer layers of your teeth that are causing discoloration. The average teeth whitening session usually takes no more than 30 minutes to complete, and the results are going to be noticeable almost immediately. Once the teeth have been whitened, you should be able to maintain the results for years with the proper aftercare. If you ever notice any stains in the future, then you can easily schedule a follow-up treatment.

A Rejuvenated Appearance Without the Downtime

Undergoing a surgical operation isn’t the only way to boost your appearance and improve your confidence. There are now countless non-surgical treatments on the market that can help you deal with almost any cosmetic imperfection imaginable. In addition to these few treatments, you might also benefit from laser therapy, anti-cellulite massages, microdermabrasion treatments, or brow microblading. During your first visit with the cosmetic specialist, you can explain your goals and come up with a comprehensive treatment plan that helps you improve your self-image. Your surgeon can also go over some of your surgical treatment options if you are interested in a complete transformation.

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