There is no doubt that modern technology has made our lives significantly more convenient, easier and more comfortable. However, like most situations, there are two sides to the coin and this convenience has come at a cost. Whether it is while driving or sitting in front of a laptop at work, the easier our lives become, the less we move around and exert our bodies physically. The human physique is naturally designed for movement and motion. The daily periods of extended stagnation and inactivity are the primary reasons for the consistent increase in body pain and stiffness, most prominently in the back, shoulders and neck. It is no coincidence that the use of modern devices is directly linked to increased back pain and poor posture.

Overcoming Back Pain: The Numerous Benefits of Using an Electric Heating Pad

Fortunately, there are numerous remedies and steps that can be taken to overcome back pain, many of which are possible because of the wonders of modern technology! Of course, the traditional methods are effective too, for instance, few things are as relaxing as a nice, gentle massage for your weary neck and shoulders. The traditional solutions, however, come with their own set of problems.

Take massages for instance. While there are multiple options to choose from, such as high-end spas and home masseurs, getting a good massage, right when you need one, is not very easy. Finding a competent massage therapist, fixing an appointment and showing up to the spa all requires time, effort, financial resources and energy.

Our lives would be so much easier if we had the ability to control our own pain-relief and get a massage that is tailored to our exact preference. Well, luckily, that’s what electric massager devices are for!

What Is An Electrical Heating Pad?

An electric heating pad is an extremely useful pain-relief tool that is a modern upgrade on the humble hot water bottle. The device applies heat to relieve stress, loosen muscle knots and ease out stiffness. Most modern heating pads also act as massagers, as they include built-in rollers or smaller pads that gently press and massage the targeted body part.

Unlike hot water bottles, electrical heating pads are much more comfortable, thanks to the firm yet soft cushioning material. The effectiveness is much higher too, as the heat is consistent and does not reduce over time, unlike non-electrical heat sources that lose their potency with every passing minute. Ultimately, an electrical heating pad is a modern gadget that combines the effectiveness of a hot water bottle with the gentle relaxation of a massage to give you a unique experience.

Are Electrical Heating Pads Safe?

It’s understandable to have questions about the safety of an electrical device that is to be used at close quarters with the body. Rest assured, modern heating pads meet the highest safety standards and are rigorously tested across various levels. Their safety is cemented with the help of a few well thought through features that eliminate any chance of an accident.

The safety features of an electrical heating pad are –

  • Automatic stop function. This function is especially useful as many people use the device at night and let’s face it, what good is a massage if it doesn’t help you sleep? The device shuts off automatically if left running and unattended for a certain amount of time.
  • Made using insulated material that prevents voltage leaks and completely removes the risk of electricity related incidents.
  • Waterproof material ensures that water and other liquids do not ruin your device. Nonetheless, it is prudent to avoid bringing the massager pad in contact with fluids.
  • The range of temperature settings help you strike a balance and use the device at a temperature high enough to bring relief without burning the skin.

Good, top-shelf heat massager pads are safe and tested but is it upto us to use them in the right way and keep ourselves and the device safe.

Benefits of Electric Heating Pads

The benefits of an electric heating pad are numerous and vary depending on the user, for the device has something for everyone. Arguably, the most important benefit of a heating pad is the independence it empowers users with. A heat pad allows you to customize your massage as per your needs and requirements and ease your back pain woes quickly, at any point of time.

Advantages and Benefits of Heating Pads –

  • Unmatched convenience, particularly for elderly citizens, who cannot exert themselves and travel as easily as younger people. Heat pads offer instant comfort, within arm’s reach!
  • Personalized customization. Allow you to tailor every feature of your massage session, from intensity and temperature to duration.
  • Quality. The massager rollers and pads are designed to replicate actual human touch and motion. The experience is extremely realistic and maintains performance and quality even across longer periods of use.
  • Affordability. Electric massagers enable you to save an enormous amount of energy, money, effort and time without compromising on your well-being.
  • The effects of an electric heat pad are not limited to the back, the device is exceptionally useful for treating neck and shoulders and with a bit of improvisation, can even be used on the legs and arms for temporary relief!

Prevention is better than cure, goes a popular saying. While there is no doubt that electric heating pads are quick and effective, the onus is one us to use them properly and get the maximum benefit out of them. At the same time, using an electric heat pad isn’t enough to miraculously cure back and body pain once and for all.

While it is true that modern technology has made our lives significantly easier, excess use of devices such as laptops, desktops, driving cars, sleeping on inflated mattresses etc has led to a rise in postural issues and increased body pain. Leading a healthy lifestyle with daily exercise, a balanced diet and basic awareness can go a very long way in improving overall health and body posture in the long-run.

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Margo Heffman is a physiotherapist and is based out of LA. She is a frequent blogger for this publication and also writes for health and lifestyle magazines to highlight the importance of therapy to readers and consumers. She is known for her comprehensive reviews on the latest wellness and therapy related products and tools.


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