Have you ever tried breaking a hollow branch of a tree?

It was easy right? you just caught both the ends and bent it at the middle. It broke in seconds. But what about a tree branch that isn’t hollow? Will it be that easy to break it? Of course, No. You will need to spend a bit more time to break it with an axe.

This is also equally applicable to your body. If your body is well-nourished and well postured, stiff and rigid, will it be easy for the outside attackers to harm you?

Which is why you may find yourself in a situation where, how much you work out, it isn’t visible. It feels so irritating.

So, then what is the hurdle, why isn’t your daily workout taking shape?

the reason is the imbalance between your workout routine and your dietary needs

What Is Balancing Workout and Nutrition?

Balancing workout and nutrition mean keeping a watch or control over both and making them function in coordination with each other. Ideally, food and exercise go hand in hand as both their end goal is your fitness.

It considers different aspects like what you eat, how you eat, what time you eat and whether it’s in coordination with when you work out, how you work out, and how long you work out.

Well-balanced coordination between the two is key to a healthy version of you. A healthy diet is needed to supply the essential nutrients like proteins to fuel up your energy to maintain a consistent, thorough workout system.

Why Is Balancing Proper Nutrition and Exercise Important?

When associated with a consistent exercise plan, a healthy nutritious diet keeps your physical and mental health strong and active. In fact, both of them are equally essential for your well-being.

With this ultimate balance, you ensure your body gets the perfect posture, neither too lean nor too bulging.

It not only ensures good health and body but also improved sleep and stabilized mood.

How Does Exercise Change Nutrition Requirements?

Low nutritional diet affects your health adversely. It can lead to health problems like dehydration, weakness, poor health, fatigue, which are the most culpable factors in damaging your workout routine.

Unfortunately, diet is one of the essential human needs that gets heavily ignored. Most of us prefer the taste and presentation of the food instead of its nutritious value, making it easy for deficiencies to make themselves comfortable in your body. The problem starts here!

That’s why fueling up your body with the right nutrition is extremely important to stay fit and healthy

another aspect of a nutrition-exercise combo. As you start losing weight with a regular workout, your energy needs start changing, thus changing your food habits. Carbohydrates being the body’s primary source of energy, your diet needs to include proper amounts of carbs, proteins, amino acids, minerals to maintain and repair your muscle tissues.

How to Balance Workout and Nutrition?

In this section, we will check out some easily doable tips to balance workout and nutrition. These tips if followed thoroughly will start showing results in a few days. Most of the tips are planned out as per the USDA recommendations for diet and exercise.

USDA Recommended Guidelines

Under these guidelines, USDA recommends a daily intake of proteins, fruits & veggies, whole grains, and dairy. These guidelines are considered to be the best to plan out your diet. Even if you try to follow at least the minimum daily serving, it will help you get into a habit to step by step reduce calories from specific portions of your diet rather than omitting it suddenly from your diet.

This way, your metabolism stays active, and you can keep up your energy level for a routine workout.

Split Your Meals

If you split your three times daily meals into six to seven small meals throughout the day, you can stimulate your metabolism all day long. It also helps you lose weight. Planning a short meal right before or after your workout will benefit you even more. It advised splitting carbs for before workout meal and proteins for after workout meals.

Consult an Expert

It is always better to consult an expert dietician or nutritionist to schedule your diet according to your workout goals and health needs. For instance, your workout goal can be gaining weight or losing weight, or neither of them, but to get into shape. With every workout plan, a specific dietary plan can be linked by the nutritionist. Any other health conditions should also be taken into consideration before trying out anything new.

Increase Your Fluid Intake

You need to take a lot of fluids throughout the day. Juices, energy drinks or even plain water will also help as a big miracle.

The only care you need to take is the timing. It would be best if you were particular about the specific intervals between two meals or fluids intake. This encourages cell productions and metabolism boost during these intervals.

Daily Calorie Intake Levels

you need to keep a check on your calorie intake while planning out the short meals.

Schedule an Exercise Plan

schedule a daily workout routine plan of different activities to be designed in a doable manner, and a way that will motivate you to keep going. You are advised to plan a different activity each day to avoid getting bored. The activities can be running, swimming etc.

It would be best if you fixed a specific time for your workout activities. Be it early morning or evening, whatever you are comfortable with.

This will also include planning short workout sessions instead of longer heavy sessions that usually result in fatigue.

Hence, both the diet and workout plans need not be a drastic change, but you have to plan the changes slowly according to your hitherto routine. Both the short interval workouts and split number of meals will balance each other, ensuring a perfect blend of exercise and diet.

Few more tips would be,

Including a lot of cardiovascular exercises to lose weight

Increase intake of dietary supplements like BCAAs

A diet low in carbohydrates and sugar to break down excess fat

Focus on weight training and resistance exercises

So, when are you scheduling a meeting with your nutritionist? Try it now!


My name is Paul Miller - fitness freak by choice. I intensively study and write about nutrition and health related topics. After reading and researching intensively on human health, I aspire to proliferate the wisdom that I acquired in a simple way.

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